Where is the lesson with mnemonics for notes on the fretboard?

Hi everyone! I’m Jason, longtime fan of justinguitar but I think this is my first post here.

Many years ago I watched a lesson where Justin gave mnemonics for notes on the bottom 2 strings at the first 3 fret markers. That lesson was a game changer for me, I have remembered them ever since. Recently I have searched high and low but I can’t find that video anymore. Can anyone point me to it?

And another question about forum rules: the reason I ask is that I made my own lesson video expanding upon Justin’s mnemonics, adding some for the top 3 strings and the 10th fret. I credit Justin in my lesson, but I’d like to also post a link to Justin’s actual video. Would it be a violation of forum rules or etiquette to post a link to my lesson here somewhere? And if that’s ok, where and how should I do so?

Many thanks to Justin and the community. It’s really a wonderful thing you all do here.


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Hello Jason :grinning:

Welcome to the forum! It’s great to have you here :sunflower:

I guess the lesson you are looking for is part of the Practical Music Theory Course, Module 3 “The Big Six Essential Notes”
(starting with “three grumpy cats” on the third fret…) :thinking:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:

Thanks, Gunhild! That sounds close. I see that module is locked so I can’t check it. I actually remember it as “3 Gay Cats”, though (and “5 Able Digits” and “7 Beautiful Elephants”).

I’m impressed that you were able to identify this!

I guess I’ll make a separate post with my question about forum etiquette, that probably makes more sense.

Thanks again.


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I found reference to “3 gay cats” in Justin’s Practical Music Theory book from 2009. It seems I read it, rather than seeing it in a video.

Many thanks for the help.

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You’re very welcome!
I’m still a beginner with lots of questions myself - and this community is a great place full of very kind and helpful people. I got lots of help here already, too.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the “ten Dirty Guitars” at the 10th fret right up at the dusty end :wink:

A separate post about your second question is a good idea. I didn’t answer this (sorry!), because I’m not sure about this :innocent:

Cheers and Happy Easter!

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