Where should I be - on the App or on the website?

Hi everyone I have been doing all my lessons on the app with the guitar on it and now I have found a practice log on here it shows I haven’t practiced on this site. on the app it has how many cords I can do in a minute my anchor cord everything I have been practicing so which programme should I be using?


The app is a different subscription. It has grade one and grade two. When you are ready for grade three (unless they have updated the app with further grades) you will need to go to the regular website.

This is correct. I just finished grade 2 on the app and that’s all there is for lessons, so I just migrated to the website for grade 3. however you can revisit the app and still use all the song content for a year. I found the song content awesome and very helpful.


Yes I went on the site this morning for practise and that’s what I did went back to the app for my song list that I have made.

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so maybe leave the app alone and just go to the web site instead and try to find the songs I have on my list there.

When I was doing grade 1 and 2, I enjoyed watching the videos and the practice assistant on the website with my big computer screen. And, I enjoyed the app to practice playing along to songs.

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Yes it is good for that

There are plans with Musopia to add Grade 3 on the App. That said, I think if convenient, it is preferrable to use the website for the lessons and the app for song practice. The reason being that I understand that there may be additional information, either in the lesson video or description plus resources.

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Ann, I only can confirm what @DavidP already said. The app is a great tool but it’s strenghts are the play along function and the excercises in it. For following the lessons, I would switch to the website as there are all the courses, some aditional written descriptions under each lesson and some helpful “ressources” as backing tracks or tabs f. ex… I follow the lessons on the website and also some song tutorials and use the app mainly for playing along. The app helped me a lot with fluent playing, timing, etc.


Yes I think that is a good idea.

This 100%.
The video lessons match between website and app.
The website has supplementary material.
The App was developed for song practice (it now has additional features too) and the beginner course lessons were added later.
Use both.

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Hi Ann :exclamation:I use the app only for the songs. For everything else, I’m on the site. Just sharing. Good day Ann :exclamation: :sunglasses:

Thanks Richard that is what I decided to do

That’s what I thought