Where to find songs

Just finished Module one. Justin recomended to learn 5 easy songs. However, the songs on the website are setup for learning. So you are not playing all the chords. So wher can I find songs to learn?

Thanks Pete

Hi Pete. Congratulations on Module 1.

I’m not sure what your statement means.
This may help you though …

Go here: https://www.justinguitar.com/songs?f=a%2Cd

Select filters of A and D chords only:

You have ten songs to learn.

Once you learn the E chord next you will have many, many more to learn.


I have his song book for the practices. However, he is saying to learn 5 songs with simple chord sets. The songs on his website are not complete songs. You just play a chord here or there. You are not playing the whole song.

Which exact song book?
Let me know and I will select some for you.
Also, the lessons on the page I linked are full song lessons, not just bits.

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Do you mean that they aren’t the whole original song? That is true. They are adaptations for beginner solo guitar, more or less. We really aren’t ready to play most, if not all of these songs in their original form and many originally were for groups, not single instruments.

Pick songs from the book or website appropriate for your level and learn them as presented. As you progress, you can advance them, learn new and more complex versions or adapt them yourself, but for now, they are curated level appropriate material.


Are you referring to the song lessons on the website or the play along songs on the app?

I get it. You want to play a song on the guitar that others recognize as the actual song. The bad news: the original song is probably made with 2 guitars, a bass, a keyboard, drums , percussions and maybe a singer too. A whole band. The good news: every arrangement from Justin I heard so far is capable to “fool” the listeners into hearing the actual song.
It’s all about the presentation and you’ll get this soon enough if you keep on. Cause every song is just “a chord here and there” in the end. :wink:

Just a simplified “unplugged” style version. So no need to fool anyone. :sunglasses:

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