Where to look when changing chords?

I’ve been practicing Module 1 and I’m genuinely loving it, so… when playing/ changing chords?
Where do you look? Look at your left hand fingers on the strings, or right hand strumming hand to see if I’m hitting the root note string ? (I’m right hand player)
So I’ve now added a few things to my new practice routine INCLUDING chord changes A to D/ D to A, but 1 minute only looking at strings fingers, then 1 minute only looking at strumming hand.
Is this beneficial ? Does anyone else question where to look ?

Welcome to the forum Phil.
When first starting out you’ll need to look at your hands to make sure you are hitting the correct strings and placing your fingers on the strings correctly. But it also a good idea note to rely only on your eye. Your ears will also tell you when you are doing thing right so once you feel confident enough try closing your eye and just use your ears.

Welcome Phil, yeah we all need to look when learning. I tend to focus on my left fretting hand. Maybe I do a bit less solo work than others though so I guess that just depends on what you’re working on.

Just be sure to take the time to sort your posture out, I learnt the hard way.

I’ve been sort of trying to look quickly between my left and right hands though I really focus on the fretting head. During the quick change exercises, I concentrate on my fretting hand (left).

Easy answer - both hands!

Its about practice strumming the right strings so look a your strumming hand

Then when changing chords look at your fretting hand

TBH once you’ve got some physical memory of the chord positions you wont need to look at either. But that takes time and practice.