Where to post Guitar Maintenance questions

Hi Toby.
The heading for ‘guitar maintenance 1’ is buried way down the site under ‘discuss essential knowledge with fellow students’
That still doesn’t shout out guitar maintenance to me.
Guitar maintenance is a popular subject and was a very busy section on the old forum. I think it should be given a more prominent position otherwise people will post all over the place.
IMHO. :smiley:


I was only pointing out where it was, not why is there or its visibility or lack of it. And I would agree it needs to be more prominent but I think the same is for all of the sub-categories in sections like Essential Knowledge.

I am happy with it being part of that section but when I drop down a level when I have selected EK, I would like to be able to see the next level of sub-categories, not just a list of recently updated Topics. That does not help if I am looking for something that has not recently or never had a comment logged under the associated lesson/video. If I select the EK category a list like the subjects that appeared in table format on the old forum front door, would be very handy.

That would be a lot quicker than the method I posted elsewhere, which is searching for a related subject on the main website and navigating here, via the discussion link. I can search Maintenance here but I am back to those latest topics again not the sub-categories.

So hopefully you will see I was providing directions and not justifying the art of cartography.


Hey Toby. I’m only trying to raise what I hope are useful points. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone. :smiley:

Its nae bother Gordon :sunglasses:

@sairfingers @TheMadman_tobyjenner @Richard_close2u
There seems to be a lot of hijacking of members posts with concerns and chit chat. Maybe we should have have a concerns
and chit chat section where people can bring up their concerns.
Richard feel free to delete this sorry for hijacking this thread.

Thanks @stitch
Topic now split and moved …

As folk begin to navigate and as posts push to the top sections people were unaware of I think issues like the one @sairfingers raises will subside.