Where's Groove Study?

I was looking at the grade-four intermediate practice, in the repertoire section. Justin suggested you do 5 minutes of a groove study course coming mid-2021, but I couldn’t find any groove study course on the site. I know it’s not the rhythm maestro course because that was listed in the technique section. Am I missing it somewhere or does it not exist.

Hi Vincenzo,

Maybe Justin means this one, or at least something in this module… it’s the module I’ve been least busy with, but where there is the most to gain in terms of rhythm / groove… but those wrists don’t always want to work that hard… :blush:
I hope this is of some use to you…
Greetings Rogier

Edit:I clearly had some sand in my eyes…You have a question about Grade 4…and I’m giving you lessons from Grade 6…Sorry…

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Thanks for the report @SoGuitar

I have passed it on to @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team