Where's the JG timer gone?w

I use to use the JG timer that was on his main site but this seems to have disappeared. It was at https://old.justinguitar.com/apps/timer/index.html Why has it been removed from this link and has it been replaced with something else? I know that I can probably find another one but it was handy!

You set up timers in your dashboard as training routine, not sure if you meant that?

Thanks but no. There was a completely separate timer that has now been removed, without letting anyone know.

Thanks, but not after a metronome, but a countdown clock.

I’ll google one as the one at JG seems to have been removed.



Hi Stuart,

The link that you posted is for the old website which is now confined to history. As with a few other things on the old website it was probably based on old code and not considered essential to update and include on the new website considering all the content updates and improvements.

Can you not use the countdown timer on your phone?

No. There was one on the website!! Mind you if the app can go on my pc that would be good.

Correct but it still worked even with the new website, but now appears to have been removed!

Could do but wanted it on my pc! As I said I’ll google one.

Stuart, from this page: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/use-a-timer-pc-104

I do believe that the Tools section no longer contains one so I will flag that up.

I have asked @larynejg about this.


Thank you.

Any news with this?

Sorry for not getting back with an update Stuart. Laryne wrote to me:

The countdown timer is on the Dashboard - https://www.justinguitar.com/users/larynejg/practice#practice
The app has one built-in, but I don’t recommend users download it now. It’s very outdated, and we’re working on a new one.

Thanks, but unless I’m missing something there is no timer on the Dashboard.

What does it mean by ‘The app has one built in’? What app?

The metronome app maybe. I’m not sure as I don’t have those apps.

The timer on the Dashboard is within My Practice Assistant if you set up a practice routine.

As you have noted this only works with practice routines so not much use if you want to set different times. No worries though as I have found another https://www.online-timer.net/