Which arpeggios to learn first?

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Are these the same A shape and E shape as in the lesson 4.1 Triad Arpeggios?

Because that was the last time he taught us about Arpeggios.

Hello @ChristiandeYah welcome to the Community.

Triad arpeggios are only three notes repeated through the arpeggio.
Major - 1, 3, 5 etc.
Minor - 1, b3, 5 etc.

This lessons specifically mentions dominant 7 arpeggios (E-shape and A-shape) which are four note arpeggios.

Dominant 7 - 1, 3, 5, b7 etc.

Those are taught here.
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Thank u. Do you know some songs for Triad Arpeggios, i do know the triad chords. Tx

This begs a video just to understand what he is saying.

Hi Ralph,
Richard 2 posts above is a good one,…but also no video…
Maybe you start here then?

Hello @ChristiandeYah welcome to the Community.
You can play over any song’s chord progression using arpeggiated triads - which are subtly different to arpeggios of major / minor ‘triad chords’.

Do you mean triads? 3 notes only?

Hope that helps.
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