Which G major chord y'all use?

I have learned the G chord from justin’s lesson but the G to D chord change is freaking me out, been practicing the change for a month and a half but no success yet!

Hey Rohit,

Is there a specific problem with the change that is the issue? eg. too slow, muted strings etc ?
Can you form the D and G chords OK on their own?
If you wush, perhaps post a short clip of you making the change.
We’ll get you there mate.:+1:

Cheers Shane

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Check out the two finger versions:

Or for change to C or Am:

Ran into the same difficulty when doing the G to D change in CCR’s Bad Moon Rising on the app (though that’s a pretty uptempo song, at 180 BPM…can’t do it that fast yet)

Team 2 finger G all the way, as linked by @liaty

I really think Justin should teach this as the first G chord. Things got so much easier for me when I switched.

Also, it sounded better on my guitar, with the A string muted…less “muddy”, as Justin put it.

Another option, though more complex…

I found that using the “stuck 3 & 4” grip taught in later lessons let me keep my ring finger down as a guide when changing to the D. But probably better to try the simple approach first.

Strongly agree…a picture is worth a 1000 words, and a video is worth a million.

I found this helpful as well…this guy has several videos that complement Justin’s content very well, IME.


Here’s another…perhaps even better.

Keep practicing and follow along the lesson plan with Justin and you will get there. I usually use the 2 finger grip but I think that comes in a later module. Do the Chord change practice for these 2 Chords and then if you are using the Justin app look for a Bob Marley song “lively up you life”. Just 2 chords G and D. quick tempo but you can do one strum on beat 1. Once you got the chord changes you can alter the rhythm to make it more fun. Don’t use the lesson on the website since that is complex.

I am going to add this song to my practice session and practice from D to each of the G grips and practice my rhythm as well. It looks like fun song to solidify D to G changes. I started with Justin in December 2021 and think I am making good progress.

Good Luck,

Whatever is simplest for you. I most often use the four finger G or G-5 (rock G). Slow it down to a crawl and changes will work. I have a habit of putting my thumb over the top to mute the low E just in case you hit it accidentally when playing a D. You will get it!

I use at least 4 different fingerings / voicings of the the G major, it all depends on what chords precede or follow it. At the beginning just use 1 and hang in there with the slow changes, it gets better.

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I use mostly fingers 3 and 4 to play an open G, it’s really convenient with most chord changes.

have faith that the 1 minute chord changes exercise will get you there.
when you say a month and a half, how much time per day is that?
I find that short bursts of chord change practice several times a day really accelerates things. Try 5 minutes in the morning, 5 mins at lunch, and 5 before bed.
(I’ve been at the guitar seriously for a year and a half, so I’m speaking from recent experience!)
best of luck. and enjoy.


Coming to conclusion that it ll take a long long time until I feel I’m good with a particular change.It seems like my first years has been one that 50% of the time…I’m good with it …