Which is the pace I should follow for the Music Theory Course

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I didn’t find this information on the website and I think it can be useful to have for a beginner.

If I’m following Justin’s beginner course, I should match each grade of this course with the grade I’m in the beginner course, or It’s ok to go for theory grades 4 and 5 if I’m still at grade 2 of the beginner course?

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The numbered grades are not a match up Edgar.
For all the incredible attention to detail and structure that Justin has brought to the lessons there are some inconsistencies. This is one.
Theory is great. I love it. If you find the theory course runs beyond your actual playing ability then it is your choice if yoh want to learn for learning sake and the mental stimulation.
If you have spare ‘music time’ but do not have a guitar nearby then theory is a way of keeping the interest moving.
It is not clear and prescriptive.


I see. Is what I thought but wasn’t sure because it is not expressed explicitly that way. Thank you Richard!

I actually found that the theory course grades 1-3 felt pretty relevant as I move through the main course grade 2.

I would say planning on getting through grade 4 of the theory course by the end of main course grade 3 is a great time to do it. You can go ahead as much as you like, I often listen while driving to work, since there is plenty to learn without having to watch or play (although there is plenty to watch and play, too).

I take the approach of listening ahead, knowing I will be going back over a lot of theory again, and again and….
Worth every penny for the subscription.

That’s a really nice idea. To take a look of what the course has to offer to know wat to expect and what’s coming next.


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I’m into consolidating grade 1. I’ve also just finished grade 3 of the music theory. I had a look at the curriculum of grade 4 theory but I felt the gap between theory and practice was getting to big to start with it.

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That’s a good way to measure.

I haven’t done the grade 3 test of the theory course. However don’t you feel that you could stay forever at grade 3 practicing naming notes on the fretboard? :sweat_smile:. I can name 30-35 in 3 minutes with Justin’s app, but I could do it a lot better if I didn’t get stuck with the 3rd-2nd strings :sweat_smile:

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But if you know the 5 th string, you know the 2nd and 3rd, to.

3rd is 1 step down from the same fret 5th string and 2nd is 1 step up.

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Oh! :open_mouth:

Didn’t realized that :sweat_smile: for the 2nd string

I’ll practice it right now!

Thank you!

For notes on the 4th and 3rd strings, think of the octave notes in 3-string power chords which are played on both 6th string and 5th string.

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Hey, Richard! Thank you :blush:

Yep, that is what I was doing, my main issue was with b string. However, I started to memorize a couple of notes in the 2nd string to ease the note finding :slight_smile: .

Anyway, 10 notes per minute aren’t too bad. Are they? :sweat_smile:

The opposite of power chords - where the octave is two frets higher.

Think of a C-shape chord where the octaves appear on the 5th string and the 2nd string, with the octave note on the 2nd string being two frets lower.

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Oh :open_mouth:, that’s a good one to add to Joshua’s explanation, I didn’t thought I was already doing it with the C chord :person_facepalming:

Thanks it will stick much better with this :blush: