Which reverb pedal for my Orange Micro Dark and 12” speaker?

I posted recently that the amp in my Vox VT50 combo had died. I decided to remove the amp and convert it into a speaker cabinet so I could still use the 12” speaker. So I did that and bought an Orange Micro Dark 20W amp.

It sounds great and I’m really happy with it. The new amp works very well with the 12”. However, the Vox amp and also my other amp (Orange Crush 35RT) both had/have reverb. I used it basically all the time. Just put the dial and 12 o’clock and left it there. The Micro Dark doesn’t have reverb but it does have an FX loop.

I think the micro dark and cabinet would sound a lot better with some reverb. However, the amps I have been using just have one simple reverb dial. I was looking at reverb pedals, some of which cost even more than my amp, and they have lots of dials and settings and different types of reverb. So I’m a bit confused what to get. I just think that the amp/cabinet is going to sound nicer and “bigger” with some reverb but I honestly have no idea what sort of reverb I need to buy and I don’t want to spend a ton of money. I thought it would be simple but there’s so much choice.

I’m a beginner and so if I buy a complicated reverb pedal, I’m not going to know how to use it effectively with all those different settings.

For information, I play in a small spare bedroom in my apartment, sometimes on the balcony outside and also at my holiday home on the terrace outside or in the bedroom.

Any advice greatly welcome!!


Not sure what the market is where you are, Ian … but here in the UK, a Boss RV-6 can be had for £100 any day, and maybe a little cheaper if you wait for someone to sell one without checking prices first.

You’re right … there’s a lot of choice … but I can absolutely recommend the Boss unit. There are a lot of options, but they’re not daunting at all; dial in the reverb you need and just leave it there. They’re also, like all Boss pedals, absolutely bombproof … You can break your floor tiles if you drop them :grin:

I also have a Digitech Polara … Which is gorgeous … but once they were discontinued, predictably, prices got silly. The Boss pedal will be with us for many years, though … attainable and a competetive market for the buyer.

And if you don’t want it anymore, or can’t get on with it, you’ll probably get your money back if you sell it.

In the world of budget pedals that are simple and do what you want them to do Behringer is hard to beat. The Behringer DR600 should go for about $50. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DR600--behringer-dr600-digital-reverb-pedal

If you have a few more dollars to spare the JHS 3 Series Reverb is a great choice. JHS do not make bad pedals and you will have no trouble selling it if you decide to upgrade later. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JHS3REV--jhs-3-series-reverb-pedal

I have a fender marine layer reverb. Had it a number of years and it’s a great reverb.
Use it with my Orange micro terror and it sounds lush. Can be had for about £100. Good reverb can make a meh amp sound amazing

I’m a huge fan of my Biyang Tri-Reverb pedal. Amazing pedal for the money.