Which Slide?

OK time to give slide guitar a go, listen to a lot of Justin Johnson and playing some and the slide stuff looks fun.

I’d buy one of his but he doesnt ship here, looks like theres several materials and styles, metal (chrome/brass) , glass, ebony , plus some slide rings etc ( I assume for use on 1 or 2 strings and leaving you more able to play more with your fingers…

Heres whats ‘local’

So any ideas and thoughts? Whats good what to avoid?

I got a Dunlop 212 and it fits nicely on my little finger. Didn’t like the steel one I bought first.

The glass sounds smoother and warmer, tone wise. Guess it depends what you’re after. It’s not the bluesy / resonator sound.

Not sure how I decided on size, but I would say they are not very forgiving if you get the wrong diameter.

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Just dropped an order into Thomann, with this on board. I have a couple of brass ones I have had for years but every time I decided to have a go a slide, I’ve not gelled with them. So going to try glass this time. :sunglasses:

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I tried brass, glass and ceramic, for me, I liked the ceramic sound better than the others. I suspect it’s a very personal taste / thing.


Thanks for the comments!

JJ’s one is ceramic so I am tempted to go that way or glass I think?

Sure I can find a ceramic one at a store here…

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BTW resonator guitars, whats with those? Never played one… :smiley:

Oh I think I can order a JJ one on etsy and get it shipped!?

Sorry, no expert. Just what popped into my head when I wanted to describe the ‘twangy’ sound I would normally associate with slide.

…more to explore

I’ll have to have a play with one one day!

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This should help, dropped it into WYLT recently.

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yep listen to too much JJ these days haha but have not played or heard a resonator in real life

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And order cancelled due to shipping issues… Sigh.

Guess I’ll find one locally

ok ordered one from star singer slides, lets see if that turns up…

So the slide turned up, eventually… UK Post issues…

Looks great, but surprise, there’s a lot of technique required haha

Its ceramic which is a balance between mass/weight of metal and the low noise of glass. Seems ok so far.

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Slide preference is just that: subjective preference. Fortunately, slides are cheap. My advice is to buy, borrow, or make a bunch of different types and sizes and see what you like the best.

Slide material, as far as I know, is just matters of personal preferences. I recently bought myself a Fender glass slide from Sweetwater and I can’t wait for it to get here!