Which songs are good to learn for two patterns?

Hi All Chris from Australia here. Just started strumming dynamics and I don’t know any songs with two strumming patterns.
Can any one suggest any easy songs with two strumming patterns to practice?

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The Clash - I fought the law.

Easy chords, but really nice strumming with some muting. Pattern definitely changes between verses and chorus.

Welcome Chris!

Hello Chris and welcome! My suggestion is to experiment with the songs you already can play.
Start from listening to the original recording and see how you feel the Rhythm changes from the verse to chorus. I wouldn’t worry about not being able to reproduce the same thing, just try and see how you can do it…write down two patterns and see if they work well: if it sounds good then it’s good. I know it’s a bit challenging but very much fun and rewarding as well.


Hello Christopher, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
@SILVIA s advice is spot on. You can choose any song you want and experiment with it. Changing strumming patterns between verses and chorus is a great place to start :slightly_smiling_face:.
Have fun :smiley:!


Hi Chris…
no suggestions for actual songs but I agree completely with @SILVIA - my experience with this is the song Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show & possibly better known version by Darius Rucker.

Since this song has G D Em C as the chord progression over & over & over it can sound a bit boring.
My answer to this is to vary the strumming pattern for the C chord only I don’t always use the same variation.
Let me explain - Old Faithful for every G D & Em then for the C I will sometimes only use down strums, then strum every 8th note, then maybe down, down, miss down;up etc.

Some variations sound better than others but overall it keeps the song sounding “fresh” & not boring!

Give it a try!!!


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