Which Tele is the “right” one?

you may want to check out All In One Guitars they make a tele style.

There is no right one… because we all want different things. So you have to find the “right” one for you, which you might only find from testing them out in store.

I have an unusual Fender Tele which I love, feels great, but is HH so might not work for you https://www.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/telecaster/special-edition-custom-telecaster-fmt-hh/0262004520.html

It’s more of a Les Paul in Tele clothing with a modern neck feel.

FWIW I have heard the Squier classic vibes are worlds above the bullets in terms of quality. But I’ve never owned one.

Good luck with your search, trying out different guitars is part of the fun! So often for me the guitar I wanted was not the one I ended up buying after getting them in my hands.

Wilco! Looks like a “maybe”! Thanks, Mike

I agree JK… the only problem is finding that “right” one at a store… so many guitars out there that are difficult to source locally… I’ve actually purchased several guitars online & have been happy with all but 2 of them… so those 2 got returned.
I do love to go play different instruments in a local shop, lots of fun & enjoyable to chat with other guitar players too!


Here are a couple of answers:

I’ve not had nor heard of an instance where a spoke wheel truss rod has moved of its own accord.

Yes, the frets are as nice as they are in the pictures. Here are some of my famous “Shakey Pete” pics for your inspection pleasure. The first two are a rosewood board Musi Super Strat and a Maple board Tele, the third one is an EART (yeah, I own one of those too) headless guitar with a rosewood board.

Group shot. :wink:

Either brand, Musi or EART, will knock your socks off when it comes to the fretwork, and IMO, the fit and finish are right behind that.

As for finding one, you could just order it from the Canadian Amazon site, when I ordered my Nova Go carbon fiber guitar it was out of stock in Canada so I bought one from the U.S. instead. I managed to luck out with a sale at the time so that covered the exchange rate and the import fees keeping everything at about the same relative cost.

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Checking All in One guitars an saw this Tele style…

At $540 + free shipping in the US it looks like a beautiful bargain!!! Pretty good specs & they contact you to ask you for your setup preferences too!!
Lots to consider!!!
Dontcha love it when you have to make decisions like this!!!


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Now that looks decent

I have the Player Series tele (Made in Mexico Fender) and I love it. I know you mentioned Fenders being overpriced, but if you can find one secondhand on a good deal I’d really recommend it. I bought mine of a music store that sold it as B-stock, it was the guitar on the shop for people to try and was as good as new.

Is it just me or does that neck look shorter than usual? :thinking:

Specs seem pretty “normal” for a tele… 25.5 scale length.

I like that it has a through neck instead of bolt-on… really interesting & a good price… free shipping… $90 for a Gator hardshell case…

Might have to check with “the Boss”…

I’m getting really, Really, REALLY tempted here!!! :sunglasses:


I’ve been looking for a negative review & haven’t found one yet…


I don’t know where you’re located, see if there is a shop that has payment plans and get the one you really want. ZZounds in the US has customizable payment plans but doesn’t ship internationally. I have a fender strat player series that will most likely be the only electric I ever own. its way more than I need and that was the point. I didn’t want to go cheap then buy another a year or two later.

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Tod, do you really think, that women are that naive :rofl:? Ey, come on, save your money for all that chi chi and add it to the budget for the guitar!!! She will understand… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The quick & simple answer is no, I don’t think in this day and age that women are naive…
the rest of the answer is more complex. :thinking:

First, my “suggestion” to Toby was a bit “Tongue-in-Cheek”… as I know that people can generally see through tactics like that pretty easily, BUT, the Romantic in me (and my wife too) finds it fun to go places like that…

Let me explain - I’ve been married to my Love for nearly 40 years & we’ve raised 3 children into good, solid adults. We have 7 grandchildren who we adore. We’ve had ups & downs, joys & disappointments, good times & bad. Through it all, we have remembered to write each other love notes, bring flowers & cards, help each other up & try to be considerate of each other’s wants & needs… and kept a sense of humor, laughing with (sometimes at!) each other! In other words, we have a pretty good feel for each other & my gal knows exactly when I’m full of … something!

So would I actually do something like what I was suggesting to Toby? The answer is a resounding YES!!! :smile: Why? Because all that “chi chi” just makes life more fun! One of our family stories that we all fondly remember was the time, years ago, when our 3 year old grandson came into the room at a family get together, walked up to his Mom, grabbed her face with both of his chubby little hands & loudly proclaimed “YOU ARE A LADY! WHAT CAN I SAY? I AM A LUCKY LITTLE GUY!!! So Mom, are we having pizza tonight?” I mean everyone in the room sees this little imp trying to get his favorite meal & absolutely dies laughing! :rofl:
Moral of the story - If I can’t afford all the fun stuff AND the guitar, I’m not getting the new Telecaster!


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Hi Tod, my comment was not meant to be taken seriously, I was just teasing you :joy:.
Living in a long term relationship of 35 years and having a happy marriage, I do know, what you are talking about :wink:. It’s the little things, that keep us happy and I totally agree with you. I support my husband to a 100% to make wishes come true, so if he would tell me, he needs a guitar (ski in his case), I would happily agree at any time. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Oh, I’m not that naive either Andrea!!! I was pretty sure that you were but I don’t take much of anything related to playing guitar - including this Community TOO seriously (especially my ability!!!). It’s all about the FUNdamentals!!! Have a good time with your guitar & that ski guy you’re married to!!!