Which Tele is the “right” one?


Having a GAS ATTACK & looking :eyes: closely at what I have vs. what I’d like to have….

I’m thinking about getting a T-style guitar….

Looks like Sire makes nice ones…
I considered Squire but am not super crazy about my Squire Strat…
It’s a bit hard to justify a lot of $$$ right now so definitely want to stay under &1K…


Suggestions anyone?


P.S. Doesn’t being on a Budget stink??? :angry:

What Stat do you have ?

If a Bullet or Affinity, these are the cheaper ones.

I have a Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Tele which seems good and I understand the Paranormal versions and there are some anniversary versions which might be worth a try at the local guitar shop…?

a friend just bought a Sire HH tele, he loves it. they have a traditional SS version as well and the price is really nice. strongly considering it as my next guitar (I just bought an LP so that’s down the road a bit), I really like the sonic blue on myself.

Hey Tod,

I can’t advise you but sounds exciting, very envious. I would like to try out a telecaster style guitar, as lots of players seem to have them. I seem to recall a recent post you made how your partner approved your purchase of a Gibson over the Epiphone equivalent.
I am hedging my bets based on this that your going to convince her Fender is the way to go.
Good luck anyhow, looking forward to your updates.

Best wishes,

I’m still looking for a tele.

TBH the fender ones seem both over priced and too limited in options.

I want a body cut, rounded heel, arm cut, not too bothered about bridge/saddle, and at least something close to single coils (or splitable).

like the look of this

And people have recomended these

still looking. limited choices here.

I have the Squire Bullet… when I got it, the frets shredded my fingers, action was abnormally high, intonation way off… it was cheap but a “proper” setup with fret dress/polishing cost me $150… not ideal for sure!


I have a “relatively” large stable but it has no Tele. So thank you for stirring the GAS.
If I went down that route this may tick some boxes !

Schecter PT Pro TPB

There’s always DIY and order a warmoth body and neck…. Just a thought

Yeah I have looked at that, quite keen on doing myself a partscaster but I am along way from most places so shipping / returns are an issue, and it would cost me $2k or so going down this route I think too

I know its not a T style but this is looking nice!

Look forward to hearing you play it and read your hands on review for the OP.

G&L ASAT Special.
Great guitars.
The best bridge I have played.
The pickups cover clean Tele tones to punchy rock n roll like a P90 to overdrive kike a humbucker.
Leo Fender’s design … his best T-type.


I got myself one of these a while back on @Richard_close2u recommendation and it’s a lovely guitar.

Hi Tod, you might want to check out EART guitars, excellent specs, stainless steel frets and ergonomics, and well built, so I understand. The price will surprise you. https://eartguitar.com/

It’s a big IF James. Not sure how I’d get away with another ! :thinking:

you might want to check out thomann……their harley bentons are great and cheap

If you are on a budget then this is one to look at. It’s an Amazon brand that is packing a ton of features into a not-so-expensive guitar.

Slim-C profile Roasted Maple neck
Hemispherical-end Stainless Steel frets
9.5" to 12" compound radius fretboard
Spoke wheel truss rod
Mahogany body
Staggered locking tuners
Bone nut
Compensated brass saddles

I now own two Musi branded guitars, a Tele in Yellow and a Super Strat in Peral White, both are phenomenal value and I am very happy with them.

Currently unavailable :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Tony @snoxracr , thanks for the info, I really like the look of the Sire T7 but just like to hear pros & cons if possible… I’m trying to make an informed decision instead of seeing a good lookin’ guitar & buying it 2 hours later!!! :smiling_imp:


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Hey Alan @Alan_1970 , I know that personally the look of the guitar is almost as important as the sound… that’s what happened with the Gibson LP. I really loved the look of the Smokehouse Burst & didn’t see the same finish on an equivalent Epiphone LP - I was going to settle on an Epi in a different color but was really agonizing when my wife told me to buy what I really wanted… a little over 2k later Sweetwater delivered a beautiful guitar to my door! (That’s why I’m on a budget for my Tele search!!!)
As far as what I really want, it has to be a SS pup config with a traditional look. I want the sound, look & feel of a Fender 50s style Tele no matter what I end up with. Also, one of the things most Fenders seem to have is the Maple neck & headstock. This is visually rather unappealing to me.
It almost seems like when they first designed these instruments, Leo & Co had everything in place but their price point was too high for the times & somebody suggested not finishing any part of the neck or headstock to save a few bucks! Everyone agreed & there you have it - the Telecaster was Born!!!
Seriously though, the story I have heard is that Fender originally thought that when the frets and fretboard got really worn, people would purchase a new neck, unbolt the old one & bolt the new one on. Supposedly, they planned to make extra necks for Teles & Strats every year for this contingency!
Thanks for your reply!

I think we’re more or less on the same page here, Rob.
I’m not in a hurry & as I said above, I really want to choose the “right” one for me…
Thanks for your suggestions!

Does it really need “stirring”? I can’t even go online without somehow or another looking at nice guitars!!! That Schecter looks nice! Doesn’t quite check all the boxes I’m trying to check, though!
Thanks, Toby (or whatever your REAL name is!!! :smile:)

That’s on the back back burner! After I retire in a few years, I think I’d like to go to a luthier school & learn how to build guitars from scratch… a kit might just be the initial entry into that world!
Thanks, Tony

Hmmmm… I’m checking them out Richard.

Congratulations, Stefan! I like their price point & it’s nice to hear they’re well liked here…

Thank you for the link, Mal! Do you know anyone who has one & can give a personal “thumbs up or down”? They do look nice and the price… WOW! I might have to buy one just to see what shows up! (If anything!!!)

Looking, looking, wow! Lots of options suggested! Thanks, Ray for your suggestion!
P.S. Love your username!

Richard, I’d never heard of Musi brand, thanks for the pointer! Couple of questions, the Spoke wheel truss rod - is it something that can move on it’s own & therefore need regular adjustment? Are the fret ends as nice as they look in that pic?
I’m excited that you actually have these as that’s really what I’m looking for - actual “hands on” review of a particular model!
@brianlarsen says they’re not available :sleepy: - but who knows what may change next week :laughing:???

Sure you do or you’d only own ONE guitar!!!
Here, let me help you out, You take your significant other out for a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant… after you’re seated & the first round of whatever HER favorite recreational drink arrives, you toast her loveliness, her cheerfulness, her wonderfulness & how her being part of your life adds to your overall well being! Then, almost as an afterthought, you say “Oh, I nearly forgot to mention - your forgiveness!” When she raises an eyebrow (giving you THAT look), you present her with the gift you had in your dinner jacket & tell her to open it… as she is expressing her delight at the thoughtful gift you gave her, tell her that soon there is to be an addition to your household… and you will be dedicating all the music you’ll be making with it to her!!!
Now, reality check, she’s going to know that you’re full of BS, but your charm will overwhelm her!!! It always works with my wife!!!

Thanks everyone!!!



i hear ya… my friends description to me (when he was comparing it to a squire classic vibe 50’s) was that the fret work was nicer. that was his biggest complaint about the Squire version. Also said the paint finish on the guitar was quite a bit nicer. I wish I had a chance to play it myself but I was only visiting him from out of state - we met for dinner. he had bought the T7 FM (flame blue) and his biggest selling point was the 5 way switch that allowed for splitting the coils on the p’ups. said the versatility of the guitar was better than anything he could find for less than $1000 (keeping in mind he specifically wanted a Tele body). he didn’t mention any cons to it though he’d only owned it about 2-3 months at the time so maybe still in the honeymoon phase. I hope this helps, but it probably just muddies the waters even more. :beers:

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