While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles (cover)

I tried to make cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

I lend drums from original song but everything is recorded by myself.
It’s played in A minor as original.


What this section is not!

This section is for JustinGuitar students. It is categorically not designed for already accomplished musicians with no prior connection to JustinGuitar, to upload their audio-video recordings and ask people to like, subscribe, rate or share for their own purposes and view count.

Everybody loves to see and hear someone play a juicy guitar part. But there are countless online guitar videos people could spend their time viewing.

******** The community will happily give their time to watching and then writing appreciative comments to any one that joins in the giving, pay-it-forward spirit. A colder reception will rightly be offered to people abusing our generosity without giving back.*******

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I see, if it possible, remove this content please.

No :slight_smile: and there is no need :slight_smile:

You have regularly uploaded progress videos, many multi-track. In your profile you describe how you started in 2023.
All good.
It is noticeable that you do not engage in the wider community nor comment on anybody else’s recordings.
We have an ethos of mutual support and encouragement that is self-regulating.
People who receive support and encouragement generally are encouraged to pay it forward as a result. And vice versa. A mutually beneficial and virtuous circle.
Perhaps @roger_holland commented as he did due to your activity only being in your own topics.

Please, step out, engage. There’s a wide community of guitar students here.


Yes, certainly :sunglasses:, and it was not the first time that this has been pointed out, which is why I did not think further explanation was necessary, and when further interaction with others is not desirable, which is of course completely fine, than Facebook/TikTok and so are better suited for that…
I wish you all the best Michal what ever you decided to do,



I was half thinking of doing Gently Weeps live at the next OM. But maybe then I might get berated as an accomplished player…

I very much doubt you will be “berated as an accomplished player”, @rorystrat Peter. :wink:

There are many levels of playing experience who step up for JGC VOM nights; and most everyone contibutes in other ways to the wider community … all of one company … :sunglasses:

Look foward to seeing everyone at OM XXV in July,. Audience or performer, everyone contributes to making the evening the success it is. :+1:t2:

Thanks @Elixir1253 I’ll consider putting myself down for the next one. Missed out this time but I’m in the audience.