Whiskey Nights and Music

Well, it doesn’t have to be whiskey but since the hubby and I have been doing the KETO diet on and off and whiskey is no carb… we have been having a few nights all summer with various friends and family after a nice dinner in or out and listening to music on You Tubes while having a whiskey or three. We have discovered so much music we never heard before, the Hu Band, Nightwish, Joe, Bonamassa, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and lots of others.

Tonight, with my brother-in-law from Texas it’s Brad Paisley. Yeah, he’s a county singer who’s been around a while, but DH and I have discovered that we like him, and we are not known to like country music. No one in either of our families would ever say Carl and Becky like country music., but we like this stuff.

So, anyone enjoying music they’ve never heard before? Whether or not whiskey or some other alcoholic libation is involved.? (Really liked Paisley’s song Alcohol!)


I discovered Nightwish a few years back when I bought a box full of Iron Maiden cds of a gumtree add, fantastic band. I found this artist on YouTube a few months ago I find them very entrancing


He’s a terrific guitarist.

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Hi Rebecca. Can I suggest you try some of the single malt brands that are spelt without the ‘e’. ie. Scotch whisky. You’ll find the music sounds much better. :smiley:


You mean like Glnfiddich, Glnmorangi, or Glnlivt?





Haha. Very good. :joy:


Dang, I don’t even know if they sell those up here! I certainly haven’t seen them in the grocery store next to the Black Velvet! :joy:

Check out Bottle of Wine by Tom Paxton.

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I’m also on a keto diet (closer to carnivore really) and bourbon is my goto for the same reasons you list.

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Amusing number, thanks.

I’m not a big country fan, but I listened to Brad Paisley’s song Alcohol and am putting it on my “to learn” list, just so I can help my white friends dance!

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At last night’s whiskey and music fest (after numerous bratwursts for dinner) with our old neighbor and a BIL we discovered Puddles Pity Party. This is awesome stuff!