Whispering His Name (2) - An Original Song by Brian

Sometimes the simplest tune and the most compact lyrics seem to work. This is one of my songs which is short and sweet. I hope the message strikes a chord with some of the listeners here.



Hey Brian, that’s a good song.
Nice melody, well-played and sung. Meaningful lyrics :smiley:
I think some folk hesitate before listening to/commenting on religiously themed songs.
I love 'em. (Here’s one of mine :wink:)


Great song :exclamation: Great singing :exclamation: Great playing :exclamation: Love it :exclamation: Thanks for sharing Brian :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you Luc.

Thank you Brian.

Yours was a good listen too.

Hello Brian, I’m not a religious one and I could understand very little of the lyrics, but I thought I would comment anyway and say that this sounds so very beautiful! You play so accurately and your singing is very beautiful too!

Yours is very beautiful too, that initial intro was really great! And…oh, old dear memories…when we were children our “Padre Sebastiano”, who by the way used to buy us icecreams after the Mess, let us ring the church bells and since we were little things the game was to be taken up and play who’s going higher…and he just laughed and let us have fun! :gift_heart:

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Thank you.


Hi Brian,
That is seriously well sung and played :flushed: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you.


Guitars and vocal both sounded good, Brian. Enjoyed the song.

One or two odd volume fluctuations on the guitar?

Maybe the vocal could have been a little louder in parts but that is subjective, based entirely on my musical/mixing taste, rather than a problem.


Thank you.