Who do you know in Ringgold GA? Hello from Patrick, retired and starting over with Justin

That is the title of a song from about 40 years ago. My wife and I moved to Ringgold about 12 years ago in order for me to take a job with a large electric company in Chattanooga TN (2012). I retired in 2019, bought an entry electric guitar and tried to learn some basic chords. I “played” every day for 15 to 30 minutes. I told myself that if I stuck with it for 2 years that I would upgrade my guitar. I did that. Unfortunately, about that time I came down with “long Covid”. Since then I have barely touched my new guitar. I am getting motivated to restart my journey and will try to use Justin’s lessons to do it.


Welcome to the forum Pat

Hello Patrick & Welcome!

We have a neighbor who is also named Patrick & who has some long-term health issues. He is learning guitar and visits a Senior Center here in Albuquerque to take group lessons. It’s been good for him since not only is he learning something he has always wanted to do but also gets him out & socializing! Win/Win!!!

I hope all goes well for you with the guitar playing & more importantly, with your health!!!
Good luck!!!


Good to see you have started again Pat. I am sure it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things. Great learning site and loads of help on hand in the Community to help you on your way.



Hello Patrick, welcome from a fellow sufferer! After a whole cancer therapy, fully recovered, I managed to get Covid and lost about 80-90% of my former energy level until now. It’s hard to get through the days, but playing guitar gives me so much motivation and mental support! The course system keeps me on track, even when there are days, I hardly find the energy to practice, I grab the guitar(s) and benefit a lot from it. I wish you all the best!

Hi Patrick,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Welcome aboard, Patrick! :smiley:

Good to see you are getting back to playing guitar, enjoy it as much as possible and soon it hopefully will be as it was before long covid - fingers crossed for you! :four_leaf_clover:

Welcome to the community Pat. Hope your health improves soon.

Hi Pat, welcome to the community forum. I hope that playing the guitar brings you a lot of happiness and energy each day.

Hi Patrick.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and this fantastic community. Please take your time to look around and get to know the wider space.

We are a supportive and encouraging group of students and guitarists from across the world. Essentially, we are all here for music and to improve as players. We truly are a ‘community’. Members help and support one another and a friendly, positive attitude underpins this. We hope that all - young or old, experienced or new players - adopt and foster the pay-it-forward ethos that Justin personifies and embedded all those years ago when he started the website and forum.

Also, please make sure to read the community etiquette announcement for some important information and guidance.