Who posted the topic? (tied to "show avatar of opening post")

I’m not sure if others feel the same but when I used to look at the unread list it was clear who had posted the new topic or latest reply. I know this hasn’t been completely lost because now next to the topic are the small avatar icons but it’s not quite as intuitive as it once was and if someone hasn’t put an avatar at all then you have to hover to see who has posted it.

I see what you mean.
On desktop, you can hover but it’s not handy if you want to scan the page quickly.

We could check if it is possible to include/replace with the name of the last posters.

noted this as a “prio 2”.

Jason makes a good point. Your solution also makes sense Lieven if its something that could be done. :grinning:

Yes it not high priority and very much feels like style over function in terms of the icons (also takes up less space of course). Just one of those where as a regular user it was very easy to scan the unread list to see if any of the regulars had posted something.

It might have been my post that did not display a “Name”. Can you see it now?

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it. But under:

I blanked out my real name as I like to keep a low profile on the Internet. I have since added “LBro” to that name area. If it is now visible, then it is controlled by that account name. If not, I have no clue.


All present and correct LB.

That is something @stitch might consider doing, as his real moniker was also revealed. And as much as peeps have conversed off line in emails etc that kind of anonymity should be respected. Which makes me think, do we need to add some form of guide to the sign up, transfer process, so folk are aware of the potential Account Name anomaly.
“Insert username or preferred name, if you would prefer to keep personal details anomalous” kinda thing ?

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Good idea, Toby. I was surprised to see full names of a couple of folk whom I know prefer to keep their name to themselves.

@tobyjenner I don’t mind people knowing my first name that
why I used First name only. I think priority 1 should be getting
the avatar thing fixed. I know it was a big deal with some people
on the old forum and by not showing usernames it get confusing
SS7 and myself have the same letter S just a slightly different
This is the problem with new things, the developers think they are
making things better without using things that already work.
New isn’t always better. Sometimes thing are the way they are
because they work.
Perfect example is using Community instead of forum.
Does changing the name actually make it better? I think not.
But some moron sitting in his office is trying to change things just
for the sake of Change instead of doing their job and fixing the
Avatar problem.
Sorry for the rant but I hate Change for the sake of Change.
If change makes thing better FINE but we had an Avatar propblem
on the old forum and we have an Avatar problem here
So what else is going to go wrong when this FORUM goes live.

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I came looking for a place to post this same subject. It’s something I would look for when searching and it’s missing now. Hopefully can be added back in. Thanks!

And I thought all that was just going on in my head !

It shouldn’t but it does…this comment does disappoint me and affects me partially in a personal matter.

That moron in his office is me and only me.
It was my idea to emphasize this is the Community.
Not for the sake of change but because

  1. Justin sees “Community” as a broader word than just a “Forum”. A forum is a medium while Community puts more value in the people. Most of all because he (and we) have the ambition to be more than just a Forum in the technical sense.

  2. I deliberately asked the team to try and respect the distinction between the two words in order to make the distinction of the olf and new technical medium. I work for a firm who uses different and old names all together and half of the time peopel don’t know what it is about. So it is also a bit of a convention in order to ensure clear communication.

  3. I’ve been investing a lot of volontary goodwill and energy in the change management of this project. While it was not my call to change, when to change and how to change, I had my chance to bring some arguments and I support the decisions made. Now I focus on assisting you guys in a smooth transition. This change isn’t done for sakes change. I would otherwise objected that.
    It is to create new opportunities for the future for JustinGuitar as a community with personalisations, offer a more contemporary user experience, ensure security, etc. It is actually quit an investment with a big goal in mind: bring a better and unified experience to you as a member of this community.

  4. Avatars and unique account name are high on the list. I am and advocate for avatars because I associate identities with the picture they use. I get confused when people use similar pictures or change avatars alot. Don’t worry, avatars will never disappear from my agenda for this Community

  5. Acceptance and user experience is important to me. It is what drives me in my regular full time daytime job as well. I get a unique chance here to work on that journey. If you ever feel like I’m handling something completely wrong, please address me personally.



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Lieven one of the things I know about you is that you put thought and heart into all your actions. You’re an ethical man who holds human values high. All you do for us, and the hours you put in on a voluntary basis are valued and appreciated. Nothing you do for Justin community comes from an unthinking, selfish place. Quite the opposite. You’re a visionary with a dream of a better world for all.

Please know that you and the work you do for us is highly valued. You are a :gift: and for that I give heartfelt thanks. :heart:



I’m sorry for being out of line I have the greatest respect for you as a person and musician.
When I made my comment I was referring to who ever developed the software not you.
I didn’t realize you where the only person trying to get this New Community up and running

I have no problem with this being a Community and will respect your wishes and use Community
moving forward.

I understand the forum needed a big up date and totally support the new Community and all the
hard work you have put in. Not just here but over the last 15 plus years you’ve put in.

Please accept my apologize I meant no disrespect to you.
You can delete or edit my post

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No hard feelings at all, I appreciate open hearts that come with open mouths.
It is sincere and authentic.

My service and volontary work is a bit besides the matter so it was rather irrelevant of me to mention anything linked to that but I though you were cutting a corner there @stitch :wink:

In the meantime I gave a bit of extra context surrounding this migration and that’s never wrong.
This is the typical friction that comes with change management I guess.


This is the typical friction that comes with change management I guess

You’ve got that right brother.

Very confusing to not see avatar of original poster, and very time consuming to have to click on each post. Some things on the old site really did work well.

Am I correct that you are accessing the Community using a phone, Dave? If so this issue of the way avatars are setup to display on the phone has been raised. In a browser on a computer you do see the avatar of the OPer and those of the latest repliers.

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