Who uses iRig2 for ipad?

Total newbie here.

Signed up today and plugged in my iRig2 to my ipad and guitar.

Is there a way to hear justin AND my electric guitar at same time?

I can hear justin, but my guitar is silent (Which means I cant do cord perfect while listening to the strum as well)

The only way I can hear my guitar and justin is to NOT use my iRig
(Ipad bluetoothed to my airpods, in 1 ear while I have my guitar connected to headphones on my other ear)

I have in the past.

  1. Don’t use bluetooth headphones. Use a set of plugin headphones and plug them into the irig2. Can you hear Justin now?

  2. You’ll need some sort of ampsim software to get sound from the guitar. The irig2 is not an amp.
    Examples are Tonebridge (free) , garageband, Biasfx 2 (I think there might be a free version of this) and Amplitube.

Try the Tonebridge app its simple and free. Just select the song you want to play within the app, or something close.

Once the tonebridge app is booted up and it has recognised that your guitar is plugged in you should be good to go.