Why an I suddenly seeing blue circles/numbers after topics

Just checked into the forums and noticed that I am suddenly seeing all topics from @latest’ with blue circles. Why and what are they, as not seen this before?

Number of replies, since you last visited,

Actually just realised this is from Unread, not Latest.

Same with Latest if no number its a new post you’ve not been to before.

Thanks. Thought it may be that but why only on Unread?

Also why do I have a few topics listed in Unread but lots on Latest?

As I understand Unread may be topics you have visited and there have been further posts. Latest will cover all new post since you last visited, regardless if you’ve been in the topic before. That is just my assessment and could be wrong as its based on observation not knowledge.


You can turn off the notifications for “unread” in settings (I did) and you’ll stop getting the ones with numbers on them. You’ll still get plain blue dots next to “new” posts, which I think is defined as the original post being two days old or less.