Why buying a guitar if you can only use a shovel?

I’ve just found this video and thought ‘I’ll never be able to play on my guitar like this guy plays on his shovel’ - simply amazing :open_mouth:


That’s so cool, I dig it… :wink:


That said Nicole… it is one of the best blues players around. And he make everything sound cool.
So dont worry if you dont sound like him in your entire lifetime :rofl:

Check this out. He is amazing…


Oh yes, he definitely doesn’t look like a bloody beginner like me :sweat_smile: . Amazing stuff.

I’ve just seen, that you can even buy such a string shovel at his online store :hear_no_evil: .

@NicoleKKB If you like things like that, have a look at this guy, works also with a wine box or broom :wink: (video1 wine box, video 2 broom)


Oh, I love the creativity of these people :star_struck:.

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JJ’s that good, he could play a washing line and when the clothes are still drying !
There a YT video of him playing Ace of Spades on that shovel ! See if I can find it.


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:joy: Absolutely :sweat_smile:!

I’m just wondering, why bother with 6 strings when 3 are obviously enough :thinking:.

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It’s been snowing the past few days here in Chicago with more to come so I have been using my shovel more than my guitar lately :guitar: :slightly_frowning_face:

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It’s the instrument not the player said no one ever…

Justin is incredible, been playing all his life and it shows

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3 strings??? Waaaay too complicated!


It does look like he’s modified the shovel though. :smiley:


:sweat_smile: Fantastic - even only one string is enough :smiley:.
So no excuses - if you want to make music, but can’t afford buying an instrument, just build it out of rubbish. Symply great :star_struck:.

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He looks a bit like Fast Eddie……

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Spring is coming, Eddie, and you’ll get back to your guitar soon :blush:.

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