Why did you block me?

It does not seem to be a technical issue with Justinguitar.com but a kind of IP block.
I have absolutely no idea why you blocked me :slight_smile:
I had to use a VPN to connect to your forum.

Well I will stop activity here for now

I don’t think you would be able to post here using your account while being blocked? IP wise it shouldn’t matter, perhaps it’s some sort of an issue with a firewall or country you reside in?

I agree with Adrian if your account was blocked you wouldn’t be able to log in even using a VPN. Must have to do with either your hosting sever.
What message did you get that makes you thing your IP address was blocked? Sometimes when the internet is overly busy you can get a Can’t Connect to sever message.

I received ngnix 500 server error , If that is not the case Justinguitar.com server has some sort of misconfiguration.
If a VPS is used ( I think they are using a vps ) along with CSF firewall probably some sort of block is going on . Or due to some sort of spam fear Our ISP is being blocked

It doesn’t seem anything happened on purpose but I don’t see a way to determine your IP to check it against blocked locations. (probably because of privacy reasons)

Please contact us again if the problem persists (what’s the average lease time of an IP? :p)

Thanks please look for this ip in your CSF or any firewall you have in your VPS
not sure you are using directadmin or whm or no control panel, As you are using ngnix probably you are not on whm

this IP


OK now I can’t reach your site from Europe IP

This seems to be your server misconfiguration and I am sure many other people are having problem from time to time if it is not a block

From your last screenshot, I see the URL of the old community platform www.justinguitarcommunity.com. I have the same nginx error as you when I use this address.

However, can you try with the new community platform address https://community.justinguitar.com/ ? Same error ?


Oh ! Oh so the URL has changed ?
Wow creating a forwarding on domain level or a simple code in HTML is very easy and could stop all this problems.

Thanks a lot

I just created a specific “allow” rule for the ip you provided, since I find no trace of your ip or similar range being blocked.
Does that help?
Not sure what the cause could be and wheter it’s here, you or somewhere in between…

thanks no need it seems I was trying to reach the site through this URL



that location is indeed not reachable but… It’s offline earlier than I anticipated.
I’ll check on that.

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I can see that URL has been online since 2010


Google must have indexed all those pages so it seems important

The old forum has been around for a long time…so have I :smiley:

Please do some thing about it. Yes I know justin guitar from 10 years ago
that forum is indexed by google and you will loose traffic , SEO redirect won’t do much help in the end and it is risky. Domain is not expensive . The community forum is closed and if the software is not being updated as long as you know what you are doing it will be safe from hacking specially if you use a cloudlinux shared hosting . I know about cpanel, directadmin and linux . If I can help please do let me know. Not sure how much traffic you get but I have many dedicated servers , vps etc and might be able to help with that.

Just now I was searching and I saw this

Thanks for notifiying
This was immediately logged the frist time you let us know.
It was not supposed to be closed yet and certainly not like this.


The old forum is read only. This was done a couple of months after we moved to the new platform here. I think the plan is to eventually close it down but do not know what the time scales are for that. Maybe @LievenDV can clarify. So realistically you only need to have access here, which you must have to be able to post your comments. So it does not matter if the old forum looses traffic as its not in use.



Yes I know I can access here and it is much better I am just concerned about the old forum because there is sea of information in there and it is good to be on read only and open. That is my opinion :slight_smile:


I can confirm that Lieven followed up on the state of the old Forum and there was an issue that needs fixing. I expect in due course it will be up and running again.