Why do acoustic guitar G strings sound dull?

Every acoustic I’ve ever played, the open G string is dull and lifeless including new strings, why?

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I don’t find that, but do you normally play electric? The G string on an acoustic is wound (mine are anyway). The G on an electric is plain. Perhaps that’s what you’re hearing?

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No, acoustic

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I’ve thought this for a long time, to the point where I always used to find myself incapable of not listening out for it :weary: in my recent experience tho I’ve found it’s only really noticeable if the guitar has a problem (g string not fitting in the nut correctly, poor break angle between saddle & bridge or not seated correctly in the bridge pin holes).

Fixing these problems does help but still only up to a certain point, it becomes a lot less noticeable and I’ve just tried to put it out my mind now tho :man_shrugging: it’s always the first string to ‘die’ in the set too. Definitely the most problematic string :v:

I have to agree. I always have a lot of problems with my G-strings…




My G is great. Like the other ones. Try a different guitar? Or different strings.