Why expensive multieffect when you have irig and ipad apps?

OK so I bought myself a boss ME 80 multi effect and I love it
Now today I connected my guitar with irig and installed an app called tone bridge and
WOW WOW WOW everything is just ready for me to go and explore and the sound is excellent and hassle-free
For example when I tried to test and practice hotel California all presets was there better than even the original :slight_smile:

Have not tired to connect the irgi to speakers or PC yet but if I can get all those beautiful results and sound then why I got myself a mult effect in first place ?

Can you please share your thoughts?

Does it have a stomp pedal(s) so you can switch FX on/off with your feet while playing with your hands ?
Did you know you had irig before buying the ME ?
Beyond that I do not have an iPad and I suspect my iPod Classic won’t help :rofl:

Just enjoy and don’t worry what everyone else is doing.


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I did not know anything but I am happy with my multi-effect so easy to use yes you are right no pedals to change settings. LOL I know nothing about electric guitars :slight_smile:

It is true that some of these multi-effect apps offer tremendous value for the $10 - $20 they typically cost.

I tried Tonebridge, but couldn’t get it to work with my Focusrite iTrack Solo, because it would not let me select the 2nd input. Very disappointing - I really like the idea of presets based on popular songs.

I had much better luck with ToneStack, you might want to check that out as well. It also includes a mini-DAW recorder, and works as an AU3 extension with the AUM audio unit and MIDI mixer.

Disadvantages I see with the app approach:

  • you need to have both a tablet and an audio interface
  • you need an external foot switch if you want to switch effects hands free
  • setup is more complex and error prone because of extra cables and tablet settings
  • all the day to day problems of computers…software bugs, updates that break things (I’m looking at you, Justin App!), conflicts with other apps, etc etc etc

For me, it’s worth the hassles for the low cost and the flexibility. But I can see why some might prefer a hardware MFX, or individual pedals.

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I use this exact same setup and it works great! Like Toby says though, changing mid-song is a pain as there’s no pedal, but for playing an entire song with one setting it’s superb and free! (Assuming you own an iPad and iRig already)

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For me, the benefit of having a dedicated pedal, aside from the actual footswitches, is that it’s always set up and ready to go in the place where I practice, whilst my tablet isn’t.

I use my tablet for all sorts of other things and, sometimes, I put it out of the way in a drawer of on a side table and don’t use it for a few weeks at all. Of course, when I go looking for it, it has no charge.

To me, dealing with all that is hassle. I could get a dedicated tablet and leave it in place and connected to a charger, but that will cost as much as a decent multi FX pedal.

Also, if I’m going to do any recording, I will do it on my PC, which I can easily do directly from my multi FX units, but not from something running on a tablet.




Thanks . That is correct. One homework I have right now is how to create those sounds like Tonebridge app. It is so hard to make quality sound like that.