Why Should I Get an Electric Guitar?

I’ve been playing for about 6 months with an acoustic guitar and am working my way through the Grade 2 modules and am overall happy with my progress.

My wife and I were talking about Christmas and she asked if there was anything I needed for my guitar playing and I said initially said no. But then thought, maybe I should get an electric guitar. So I’ve spent the past few weeks researching electric guitars, visiting multiple stores and playing them and have narrowed it down to a couple. Then last night it hit me, why do I need an electric guitar? The acoustic is working just fine. It seems that the electric is just going to throw in a lot more variables and be a distraction from learning. I still kind of want an electric but not sure why.

So looking for some suggestions from those who have been down this path.

(FYI I like playing both hard and soft rock and have enjoyed playing traditional electric guitar songs on the acoustic)


Do you want to play electric?

Lighter strings, easier bends, amplification, distortion / effects etc.

If you don’t then don’t worry


Hi Craig,
I have both. I have not found the electric to be a distraction. There a lots of things to learn and it depends on what you want to play.
The electric is easier on my old fingers (71). I can play it for a much longer period of time on the electric so I tend use it to learn new skills (not bending) or songs even though the acoustic might be the target.
Plus what Rob (@RobDickinson) said: It’s whole other world of sound and music.
I move between them over the course of each week or even on a given day. I like the variety.


I think you can have a lot of fun with electrics,there is just more stuff that goes with them and its easier to get distracted.

However, the itch wont go away…you will have to scratch it eventually. I went the other way-I was a committed electric player and bought an acoustic when I started learning.


There are songs that are much easier to play on electric - those that need to use more of the neck or with big bends etc. If you like Rock, then at some point you’ll probably come across a song that’s very difficult on the acoustic.
Having said that, there’s a lifetime of songs and skills to get out on acoustic - you can do amazing things with them - so you absolutely don’t need an electric.
I have both, and I go through periods of preferring one over the other.
Whichever way you go, enjoy it!



For 1, ya can’t play your acoustic loud.
It’s most important to be able to play loud I think. :slight_smile:

To me, it’s no distraction at all. It’s just a different flavor of what I do.
And myself, I like different flavors. And I do go back and forth between acoustic and electric. Sometimes the music I want to play is the deciding factor (elec. or acoustic) as to what I want ‘said’ song to sound like.

Beside, while I love playing my acoustic and I think I have a pretty easy to play acoustic guitar. My electrics are still easier to play. I think it’s just the nature of the beast.

Go for it.
Let the fun begin.
The choices in putting together a electric guitar rig is infinite… so many combos (guitar/amp combinations, pun intended) that can be put together. It really is a fun adventure. Just be prepared to go down the rabbit hole of guitars and amps. $$$$

edit, fwiw, I’m learning and doing me a new to me song right now. That song just ain’t gonna fly imho on a acoustic. The electric opens up new horizons.


I think this is the most compelling argument. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why delay the inevitable.

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I have both, as you can see from my avatar on the left. I play both every day. I have a catalog of songs that work better on electric, and one of songs that are better on acoustic. Double the fun.


I bought an electric guitar specifically to try and get into playing blues. It is possible on an acoustic but more limited. So I woud say if the genre of music you want to play is better suited to electric than that is a good reason. But just be very aware of this…

And pedals! There is a lot of fun to be had, but also a lot of $$$ to spend.

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I have multiple guitars, but no acoustic. I have had the same thought as you - why do I need another?
I believe that the answer is more emotional than practical. Here are my thoughts and maybe you can use them for your own case for or against:

  1. I get a great deal of joy out of playing, maintaining, and looking at each one
  2. I can experiment with different sounds, physical feel, etc between each one
  3. I chose to NOT get an acoustic or classical because my climate would make me keep it in a case and I’d never grab it
  4. I like the music played on the models I have
  5. I don’t really have other hobbies any more
  6. family is supportive of (encouraging even!) me playing and buying something I will enjoy

Remember that you will need an amp and cable. Costs there are from around $100 to maybe $400 for basic home practice gear. Certainly higher if you want something specific. You can do it for under $100 if you shop, buy used, or just use a headset amp if that is of interest. My ‘travel’ amp is about $50 for headset amp and tiny speaker.

If the cost is low importance, and you will get joy from playing it, I feel it is worth getting. I play each of mine frequently, sometimes all of them in one day. I can’t imagine giving one up and not missing it.


Because you want one


Thank you everybody! You convinced me I’m getting an electric guitar.

Unfortunately the demo one I had my eye on at Sweetwater sold this afternoon, it there are a couple of other options. More importantly I think my wife is on-board.


Acoustic is louder which is not always what you want. Yes, electric can get louder but can also be played lower than speaking volume which is hard to do with acoustic.

But if it’s works for you it works for you. So far I enjoy electric way better especially with all the fun stuff you can do with it (effects, dynamics etc)

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I do not understand the question,

and google translate keeps shutting down my computer :roll_eyes:

Have fun with further research and purchase :sunglasses:

Greetings,Rogier :guitar:

And there is no emotion with an acoustic, so… if you ever want to give an emotion with the guitar, it makes sense that you have an electric one yourself. :laughing:


Yes, I’m sure Joni Mitchell would agree with you. Complete lack of emotion there. :wink:


Hey Moose, Oh you so neeed and electric :rofl:

Though seriously my wife bought me one a year ago and love it. I still love the acoustic but I bought a Tele and a Katana amp and it’s a ball to play around with. The elec it far easier on my fingers and with the amp I can play around with effects and sounds, it just keeps the interest up. And at times it’s fun to crank it up in the house :scream: :rofl:

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I have both. Glad I do. Simple as that.

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You can have a lot of fun with either… I’m currently learning Power Chords & it is MUCH EASIER to practice this on the Electric.
Enjoy the journey.

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Rogier you are in opposite-land today!! :slightly_smiling_face:


@moose408 Craig, it’s important that you understand the mathematics of guitar ownership:

if the number of guitars that you own = n
and the number of guitars you need = x

then x=n+1

clearly, x has to be recalculated after every guitar acquisition!