Why study Music Theory?

Music theory is the reason behind everything and it helps us make sense of music. So I’ve got a music theory course just for you! :)

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A quiestion on JG Music Theory. I’m now a returning student starting basically from scratch. But when I was here some 6 years ago, I bought the (excellent !!! ) JG Practical Music Theory, which at that time was a PDF document for download. Is todays JG Music Theory the same materiel, or has it developed into something even better? In which case I would definately get the new one. Or is it a series of video lessons?

Thanks for your answer!

It is 100% better and more expansive.
The old pdf called Practical Music Theory and the Chord Construction Guide were both subsumed within the new course which has more material, video and written content, downloadable content, downloadable and online interactive quizzes and more.


Thanks Richard. Appreciate your swift and clear response! Will def. enroll in the theory part.

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