Why study Music Theory?

Music theory is the reason behind everything and it helps us make sense of music. So I’ve got a music theory course just for you! :)

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A quiestion on JG Music Theory. I’m now a returning student starting basically from scratch. But when I was here some 6 years ago, I bought the (excellent !!! ) JG Practical Music Theory, which at that time was a PDF document for download. Is todays JG Music Theory the same materiel, or has it developed into something even better? In which case I would definately get the new one. Or is it a series of video lessons?

Thanks for your answer!

It is 100% better and more expansive.
The old pdf called Practical Music Theory and the Chord Construction Guide were both subsumed within the new course which has more material, video and written content, downloadable content, downloadable and online interactive quizzes and more.


Thanks Richard. Appreciate your swift and clear response! Will def. enroll in the theory part.

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So I’m almost done with Grade 1. Is that enough prerequisite to complete all of the below courses?



Dante @dantejms
This is my personal view others may differ but given you are just coming out of Grade 1

PMT - definately worth doing, don’t think it really helps you play but it gives you an understanding of what is going on.

Ear Training - I think it depends how good your musical ear is, Justin does encourage you to try it

Transcribing - Justin really doesn’t get into this until Grade 3 perhaps there is a good reason for that.

Just my thoughts and there is a lot to take in for Grade 2 so perhaps not a good idea to spread yourself too thin but it will depend on how much time you can devote to guitar things.



Hi Dante @dantejms,
I’m currently consolidating Grade 2. I’ve been doing Practical Music Theory and Ear Training, and find them both useful. That said, both also require additional time that may take away from lesson-focused practice. Justin does incorporate concepts in the regular lessons when he feels they are helpful. I’ve created practice items for Ear Training and incorporated them into my practice routine.

So yes, I think you’re far enough along to start (not necessarily complete) both PMT and Ear Training if you have time. I can’t speak to transcribing; I’ve opted to wait a while on that because I already have plenty (maybe too much!) to work on!