Wild Horses | The Rolling Stones

As I was exploring and falling in love with open G tuning, I stumbled upon this little gem and just couldn’t resist to cover it. It’s such a pure, beautiful song and I really tried to do it justice.

It’s not particularly difficult to play, but the more I see Keith in action, the more I admire him. The ease with which he plays and the feel he puts into it, is simply amazing.

Anyway, I hope you like it!


Hi Jeff,

that was lovely - you did it justice! Love that song. :clap:

It’s awesome how much effort you put in the production of your videos, with different camera angles and all of that! Wow! Does the phone fixed to the headstock bother you while playing? It’s a great, interesting perspective to add. :slight_smile:
You played very well, nice and steady rhythm, smooth changes all up and down the neck! Awesome! There were a few parts, where tuning of the record and your guitar seemed to be slightly mismatched, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

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Jeff, a great performance and video production. That looks like a fun song to play in Open G and is a song for my future wish list. I am just beginning to learn open tunings, so you are way ahead of me, but is fun to see the possibilities of what I might be able to play in the future.

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Thanks @Lisa_S. I’m not going to lie, the first few times I was terrified the whole thing would come down. I’ve got more confidence in the ruggedness of the holder by now, and actually I prefer a mounted cam to a tripod cam or something. The relative position of the cam to the fretboard remains the same and I’m not worried about moving out of the recording area. That’s not really an issue for intimate acoustic songs, but it can be when you’re going full bananas on a heavier tune. :sweat_smile:

I’m not entirely sure but the guitars in this backing track could have been in E standard tuning. They’ve been almost completely stripped out but you can hear them just a tiny bit in the mix.

Thanks @SteveL_G99. If you’re getting into open G I’d highly recommend this song. The major chord shapes are easy (just a one finger barre), and the minor chords are played with the open G string.


Jeff, thanks. I will give it another look.

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Very well done. G tuning is very cool sounding. I wondered how you developed the chord shapes for this song? thanks for the video

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Thanks @PaulBMiller. The song is in G major and has the following chords.

Major shapes

  • These are movable shapes with a 5-th string root.
  • G major = x000000
  • C major = x55555
  • D major = x77777

6sus4 shape

  • In the chorus, we have the classic Keith Richards '6sus4 alteration on the C major. This chord is immediately recognizable as the sound of The Rolling Stones.
  • It’s the same shape as the minor7 in standard tuning.
  • C6sus4 = x57565

Minor shapes

  • The full chords are trickier to play. If you play the G string open, the chords are not only easier, but they sound better too (to my ears).
  • A minor(7) = x22010
  • B minor(b6) = x44030

And that’s about it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Jeff,
What a wonderful start to this musical day…very much enjoyed
:sunglasses: :racehorse:

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Hi Jeff, what a wonderful listen in the morning. A wonderful song, very well played and a great production too. Those different camera angles take us close to the fretboard, cool!
Your sound was so well balaced and I really love the tone of your guitar. What model is that?
Good start into my day with this! Thanks a lot for sharing! And also a great motivation to practice, practice, practice…

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Thanks @roger_holland and @Helen0609. It’s an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE, an all-solid wood acoustic-electric that’s often compared to the entry and even mid-range Martins. That’s up for discussion, but for the price (€ 530 / $ 580) it’s a bargain.

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Good morning, Jeff, and thanks a lot for this gem :star_struck:.

Wild Horses is one of my favourite Stone’s song. It was really a pleasure listening to your rendition :blush:.

I hope, somewhen in the future, I’ll be able to play (and sing :thinking:) this beautiful song, too.

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Yeah, that’s what I would feel if I were having such a thing. Definitely not a “hard rock proove” construction. :sweat_smile: Then it’s even more impressive how you delt with this, chapeau! :clap:

That was great Jeff. You really captured the Stones vibe there and you’ve inspired me to have a go at alternative tunings. Thanks for providing us with the chord fingering details.

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Really enjoyed listening to that, Jeff, as well as reading through your notes above about Open G tuning, been a long time since I messed with it. I think Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” is in Open G, which is probably the last time I tried when learning that. Have to go back to it, sounds great :smiley: :+1:

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Thanks @sairfingers and @nzmetal - Daughter is indeed in Open G, but both the fifth and sixth string are tuned to a G - which is rather uncommon but interesting. Regular Open G has the note D (the 5th) in the bass, but Keith doesn’t play/use the sixth string anyway.

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That was pretty damn awesome Jeff. Nice to see you on an acoustic, which sounded wonderful by the way.

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Wonderful rendition! Thanks for sharing. This is one of my Dreamer songs. Also, the one my husband and I consider “our song”. :smiley:

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Thanks for the chord info…will make playing this much easier than my trying to play by ear.
Open G is a very interesting tuning and makes the Stones unique sound
thanks, Paul Miller

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