Wind Of Change cover

Hello my dear friends,

This time I tried to do something with “Wind Of Change” (The Scorpions). First, here’s the music video in case you can’t get round to keeping reading further details,


I thought this tune was a good one for trying to figure out its melody, so I grabbed the keyboard and did it. It’s very straight forward as it’s mostly in the key of C so you only need to check out half of the keyboard’s keys and half of the job is done :sweat_smile:

Here’s the structure of the song, with the chords highlighted in red and the rough melody underneath.

As to the solo, I had come up with a rough idea but I ended up cheating a little bit. If you want to make use of the tab, there are 2 obvious mistakes:

  • The bars are devided randomly, the guy I from whom I cheated was an awesome player but very sloppy.
  • Another mistake is where there’s a 5th fret for 1st and 2nd string. In reallity you’ve got to play the first string twice and then once more within the riff which finishes with a full bend on the 8th fret of the 2nd string :+1:


As usual, I used the following stuff for recording:

  • Guitar: Epiphone SG Special. I used to have an LTD M-10 but it was very old and well used and the electronics died last fall, so I decided to sell it and buy this mega cheap but pleasant to play SG.

  • Audio interface: Behringer U-phoria UMC202HD. Again, under a tight budget :sweat_smile:

  • Midi Keyboard: Yamaha PSS-A50. I’m very glad with this little boy, it enables me to add some bass lines and melodies here and there, as well as a use it as a controller for the Cakewalk drum kit.

  • DAW: Cakewalk, by Bandlab. It’s for free. I attatch the presets that I used for rhythm and solo. I should try to create my own presets when I can.

And that’s all folks, hope you liked the post.

Have a super great spring and take care of each others.

See you around!


Excellent post.
I am truly enjoying the tour.
Stay well and keep healthy!

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I’m glad to read that, have a nice day with lots of peace and love :v:

Wow. Impressed. And your notation, I can certainly learn from that. Guitar looks really cool. Super nice post, even I am not into electric stuff. Nice corner you have there. :+1: :+1: :+1: :sunglasses: :pray:

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Thanks, I’m super glad if this is somehow useful for you :muscle::v:

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Great rundown, like what you’ve done, not perfection but it’s your interpretation!
Keep going you’re doing great!

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And very personal interpretación indeed :grin: Thanks for stopping by, peace :v:

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Really nice post with very detailed information indeed! I think overall it sounded cool although I would prefer to hear guitar a bit more :grinning:

As for the solo I think when you were bending you had a few flat notes here and there, I would suggest to hear it back again, slowing it down and just trying to practice hitting those notes tightly and clean. It still was a very good job though!

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Yeh, this solo has many bends, some full and some 1/2, and I found some of them a bit tricky, specially when I had to play another note which was a bit far on the fretboard afterwards. I’ll keep the recording and when I play the solo better I’ll replace it.
Thanks for your feedback, it’s always appreciated! :muscle::v:

Hey Jose…this is very nice indeed! Wind of change is one of my favourites ever and I’m myself working on an acoustic arrangement of it (only…I’m so very slow :see_no_evil:) I play the whistled intro differently: ABC ABCDC × 2 CDEFECD ACB . I love this electric guitar solo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: but can’t say much as I’m not in electric guitar…but you’re almost nailing it I think. A very good job, well done! :+1::blush:

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Thanks Silvia! As to the whistled, as I can see from the notes you provide me is one third equivalent, so you could play both together and would create a harmony. Thanks for your feedback, peace and love✌️

Sounds great, Jose. The lead was a highlight for me, fabulous tone. Like Adriaan I’d have lifted the rhythm guitar in the mix to be more balanced with the keys. Bravo on a most enjoyable production and share.

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Thanks David! I’ll take all these pieces of advice into account and they’re super valuable for me to keeping improving. Cheers :v:

That sounded really good Jose. Some nice playing on both keys and guitar.

Adi has already mentioned a few flat notes and this is the only issue I could hear on the track. Very enjoyable.

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Thanks for your feedback, mate!