Wind of Change - The Scorpions - update July 2023 - post 57

Hi Community Guitar Friends…these are a couple of clips to share my progress on this arrangement, two more verses to add to the previous melodic initial part of the song (previous video)…and…eh…what :exploding_head: …ok…this is the first time for me mixing the melody with some strumming :see_no_evil: loads of fun and feeling like winning at the lottery at any right individual picked note :money_mouth_face: :joy:
Can’t wait to read what your thoughts are on this…it’s taking a lot of “work” indeed :sweat_smile: Thanks in advance for checking this out!


You mixed those two together seamlessly Silva. It was a wonderful bit of playing. This one is coming along nicely.

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That sounds fabulous, Silvia! You are getting more and more confident with this piece. Mixing the strumming with the individual notes adds another positiv develpoment. Nice, to see, that you are getting more familiar with strumming. Congrats, it’s amazing!

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Sounding great Silvia! Loving the mix, keep on with the hard “work”! :wink::clap::smiley::+1:

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Sounding good. Chord melody stuff looks really hard, you’re doing great at it.

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Wow that’s sounding great, and that’s an impressive accomplishment putting this together.

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Sounding really good Silvia and nice to see you adding different elements. Picking, strumming and NOW percussion. I raise my hat to you and look forward to when you have the whole song recorded. Very impressive so far :+1:


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That’s fantastic Silvia, I can believe it’s a lot of work, well done :clap: :clap::clap:

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Hello Silvia, oh wow, you’re making fantastic progress :clap::star_struck:. Mixing picking and strumming is such a wonderful technique, and you did really well on it. It sounds lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Can’t wait to listen to the whole song :blush:.

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Sounding amazing Silvia. I really admire your dedication and attention to detail as this is not something I am very good at. Really beautiful post!

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Hi Silvia,
Nice work… Seems hard to do and you’re beyond my skills on this one! :slight_smile:

All the practice is coming together nicely for you.

A bit dark on the vid - do you alway play at midnight? - LOL

Next time you might want to try getting away from the window light with the cam and shooting the wall as your backdrop?

All the best,

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner @NicoleKKB @nzmetal

Thank you all so much for listening and your interest and support in this crazy project of mine!

Toby, Nicole…

I’m surely aiming to “the whole thing”, but I’m not really sure I’ll be able to achieve it…whatever will be I’m already very much happy with my development so far, as being able to play these little chuncks is already way more than what I could expect from myself. I will

and see where it wil lead! Thanks Jeff!

Andrea while I was reading this I was thinking it perfectly describes my path, and that this arrangement is the natural outcome of it…melody first then the rhythm :see_no_evil: what should I do if I am like this…:innocent::wink:


@SgtColon @jkahn @Mari63 @liaty @Eddie_09

Thanks so much to you all, your words of support mean really a lot to me. I love sharing with you my little progress step by step, as well as getting to know about your guitar journeys…we are all so different, someone is in blues, someone in rock, metal, pop…someone plays live, someone is great at video production…being among you is such an enriching experience and a privilege too! Now that you said “Yes, it’s good” it’s time to get to…the chorus!


:joy::joy::joy: it was before dinner to tell the truth…and I was so taken into the playing that I forgot to turn the light on! :woman_facepalming:

Now…this is only a work-in-progress video…I’m sure you’ll be indulgent :wink::sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and write back!

All the best to you as well!

Very impressive, Silvia. Sounding smooth and confident! Love your determination and the progress you’re making.

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Thank you Dave, your feedback is very much appreciated! I’m starting today to work on the chorus and I’m taking your words as my mantra “determination
and (slow) progress”…I’m just adding “slow” to be more at ease with myself :blush:

Hello Guitar Friends :guitar::handshake::blush:
I hope you didn’t think I gave this one up! Here are my adventures (add the dis- if you find it fits :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

  • First I realised that the song is not in 4/4 only but there are 2/4 bars as well…I didn’t even know that was possible…
  • …as a consequence of the previous I mistook an F chord for a C chord right at the beginning of the second whistled section, and as you can imagine, it didn’t sound quite right…

“Never mind” - I thought - “Now I’m ready to get to the chorus, and it doesn’t seem that difficult!” - but…

  • There I mistook a couple of 16th notes for 8th notes and…no, it didn’t sound quite right! :woman_facepalming:

Ok, at this point you’re all allowed to have a good laugh at me :joy:

  • Also there was this long rest in the melody where it goes like “…dream away ------- in the wind of change!” and it didn’t sound nice: I needed to wait for a :bulb: in my head and it suddenly clicked: the CMajor Scale to connect those chords! :nerd_face::grin::sweat_smile:

  • In the meanwhile Justin’s Lesson “The Objective Observer” pointed out quite a lot of stuff about myself and thanks to allowing for the mistakes to happen and some of The Inner Game techniques I stopped overpracticing it and I started playing it… and this is requiring a lot of work on myself (awareness, will, trust).

You see I wasn’t born a Musician, but as @BurnsRhythm commented on one of my posts I’m growing with this song, with the working out, arranging, practicing and learning of it, which is really one of my favourites ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any thought, feedback, advice and constructive criticism will be very much appreciated! :blush::heart:

@DavidP David, for some reason I can’t edit on the title, I would like to write “update July 2023 - post 57” and delete the date of the previous update. Can you help me in this? Many thanks in advance :blush:


Super stuff, Silvia. I don’t think anyone is born a musician. I think it is a path that we choose in life and we grow as musicians. It’s been amazing following you along that path and watching your progress as you’ve worked out and arranged this song, reviewing your progress along the way and refining it every step of the way. Well done.


So much to love, Silvia … the write-up, the smiles (especially at the one wobbly moment), and of course your playing.

I think the ability for a poster to edit the title is limited by the system. I’ve made the update. Feel free to ask whenever required.

My eye was also caught by “I wasn’t born a Musician” and see James shared as I immediately thought. Maybe if one’s parents play one music from the first moment of conception and are musicians themselves perhaps one may be born as a musician or get a head start if exposed to music from birth. But mostly I choose to think that one is inspired by something and commences to learn, and if the desire remains and the path of learning is supportive, then you will embark on the never-ending becoming and being a musician. At least I tell myself that and that the term ‘musician’ can be used in a near infinitely broad context that includes me.


See!! :grinning:

Fantastic Sylvia! Nobody will be laughing at you after watching this. You are certainly, very definitely, absolutely growing as you develop this song. You inspire me to find a dreamer song that I can develop and grow with.
Ok, so you’re making mistakes as you work out the song, but that’s what it’s all about. Trying things, knowing it’s not right and then putting it right. And you are using your ears to know when it’s right or not. Great stuff!

Constructive criticism:-
I was listening, tapping my fingers and watching your leg tap on the beat. There were a couple of times when you speeded up (only slightly). It was when you moved from fingerpicking to strumming. The strumming was louder too. It was as if you were trying to get that section over with and get back to fingerpicking the melody.
I don’t mean to be harsh, I only say it because I know you will work on it and smooth it out as you continue to develop the song.

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