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Great lesson Justin, thank you. I love Pink Floyd so I am proud being able to play this solo more or less after all!!!

Just one hint when struggling with the double stop part like I did: In the Live at Pompeii Version Mr Gilmour uses Flick offs rather than picking the open G string. I recommend watching with half speed. This helped me a lot.

By the way, Mr Gilmour also does not like to Bend the G String and slides it there…


Hi working my through WYWH, got the chords and everything else down, working on this solo. Justin says to go to the bending lesson to learn that part, but the bending lesson I found said it’s only for electric guitar, not acoustic? Maybe I’m at the wrong bending lesson? It’s the last part I need to know! Thanks!

The bending technique on acoustic and electric are the same. Acoustic usually takes a bit more force to bend the string because acoustic strings are usually thicker than electric.

Can you link the “electric-only” bending video you are speaking of?

Hey Bill,

Yep, as stated, the mechanics are the same. Generally though, thicker strings on the acoustic though make bending a bit more challenging in certain areas…
With WYWH, the solo bends are down near the nut, so if you’ve got 12s on your acoustic, itcan be a bit of a challenge, but certainly doable. You’ll need to have your bending technique down pretty well, which may take some time.
Having said that, a great song to practice them on, once you get the basic mechanics down.

Cheers, Shane

Yes, but at what cost? In Justin’s tutorial (if I remember correctly), he mentions that he was too lazy to change to lighter gauge strings and after he does the bend, says something like, “ouch, I’m not going to do that again.” :smile:

Actually, this song motivated me to try Ernie Ball Earthwood Rock and Blues strings, which have an unwound G string. That definitely makes the bends in this song accessible.

Yeah, definitely a poor choice of words from Justin when he says it’s an “electric-guitar technique”. Having watched it, it’s clear to me that he mainly wanted to make sure people realize that bending on an acoustic is more difficult and is better practiced on an electric, especially for newer players who are still building hand strength.

Heck, I’ve got a friend who strings all of his electrics with 12’s and he’s a bending machine! But, he’s been playing for 25 years!

Just to comfort the ones struggling with the G-string bending. I saw a part of a documentary with David Gilmour were he plays WYWH and particularly asks to the man that hands him the 6-string acoustic if the G-string was replaced. His usual stringset on the acoustic is Ernie Ball 2004 Acoustic Guitar Earthwood Light.