Wish You Were Here [4/4] by Pink Floyd Lesson

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I think i’f find a straight play through more helpful than breaking it up, since the individual lessons already do the parts, and this would help sticking them together

in fact what would be really great is a strum along with the chords up on screen. : )

Will these lesson where put out 15 years ago when youtube had a 10 minute limit on uploads. So the only way to up load 40 minutes of a lesson was to break it up.

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Hi. that makes sense, but im talking specificly about the 4th lesson, where justin does a playthrough of each part. I’m just suggesting a playthrough of the whole thing would be more helpful at that point to help me stitich the parts together in my head.

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I found this. David Gilmour - Wish You Were Here ]Pink Floyd[ -Live Acoustic- - YouTube

These guys seem to be able to play it well enough :upside_down_face:

Im just struggling a bit going from the intro to the C chord strumming and it sounding like i’m still playing the same song.

I also LOVE the version these girls do. I wondered why Tony sings her solo until I watched Gilmour in the vid above. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) - YouTube

Justin notes that “In this lesson I play through the sections - this needs remaking and I will get on it soon! :)”.
How soon is soon?