Wish You Were Here - July 2023

I’ve been mostly lurking in the forums but as I’m getting ready to move on from Grade 1 Mod 6 I recorded myself playing Wish You Were Here (at 70% of tempo) so I can look back someday and smile. I had to laugh at the thumbnail that YouTube created for the video as it shows exactly how I feel about the C chord.

Let me know what you think.



Thank your for sharing​:slightly_smiling_face:. For the most part you were strumming exactly on time. Sometimes you were maybe a tiny bit too late but never mind that. I was impressed how you got back to your constant rhythm after the first C. Never mind a few wobbly chord changes, that happens to me quite often still as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Just an idea, since it works so well for me at this early stage and I am getting so much valuable feedback and input: Have you thought about starting your own Learning Log? :slightly_smiling_face:

Great sound from that guitar @benriga :+1::+1: what amp are you connected to?

Hey Ben,

Welcome mate.
Some steady strumming there, with some solid chord changes. Keep going, being mindful to keep that strumming hand loose and constantly in motion.
Doin well mate.

Cheers, Shane

YouTube stitching you right up there Ben!! But as you say it perfectly captures how we’ve all felt about some chords (I’m looking at you Dm and F…).

Good and steady strumming you’ve got going on, you sped up a little bit from time to time but did catch yourself. Chords sounded pretty clean overall, and changes there in time for the strum. Considering all that I actually think you could up the tempo, it’s like your mind is telling your arm that already.

A very decent effort, keep at it and stay smiling! :slight_smile:

I think you are doing great, Ben. I like how you slow the song down to accommodate your playing ability. It is good to go slow and increase speed as necessary as you improve. From what I see, that pesky C chord affects me the same way at times, and I think my guitar is out of tune. Sometimes it is, and most of the time, my fingers are the culprit! Great work!

Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure what you mean by a learning log. Can you please share more about that?


haha Thanks but no amp. I actually plugged the guitar directly into may MacBook and recorded that as-is.

It was a little tricky getting it all to work. I used my iPhone as a camera using Continuity Camera as that is so much better than my webcam. I plugged the guitar into the Mac using an iRig adapter. The Justin Guitar app is running natively on the Mac (not very well TBH you can see me futzing with it at the beginning). I used OBS to grab those three inputs and composite them together into one video.


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Thanks Shane. Seeing progress so I guess I’ll keep going. :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words and advice. I have tried playing the song at a faster tempo and can do decently at 90% of tempo EXCEPT for that darned C chord. I’ll get there. I can already see much progress so hoping in a few weeks I’ll have chord down (or at least reasonably fast).


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haha I know what you mean. I also blame my fingers!

I’ve actually recently started practicing chord changes using a metronome and I have found that to be so much better than just counting how many changes I can get through in a minute. I can see exactly how fast I’m going on every chord and can slowly speed up as I warm up.

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Sure. Basically it’s like a Learning Diary. The difference being that it’s public here in the community.

I am not a fan of social media, and I would never start an own blog to document my learning journey, but it’s different here in this community, which is characterized by people, who are not only fellow community members, but amazing musicians and genuinely helpful, respectful and kind.

For me, my Learning Log is a place to collect my musings and thoughts as I progress through Beginner Grade 1 and hopefully will be progressing further. It’s a place for me to document what I am doing, what are my goals and how I am planning to get there. Honestly, without this Learning Log, I would have long since given up. Since I know the very basics, I would have long since moved on, encountered my old enemy, full Barre F- chord, and would have long since given up, just to confirm my inherent bias that I will never learn it anyway.

Being able to get comments, support and advice from other community members via the Learning Log, has been a game changer for me. I received so much good advice and so much encouragement that it’s easier for me to be patient this time.

The Learning Log is also a place to where you can upload your recordings and collect them in one place. Let’s say you were to make more recordings of “Wish you were here” at 80%, at 90% and at 100 %. You could publish them there and have them right at your hands for comparison and evaluation, or just as documentation to look back on fondly at some point in your journey.

Here is link to my Learning Log e.g.
I know, it has maybe too many entries already given the short time that I joined this great community, but I like writing :slightly_smiling_face:

I love the idea of using a metronome. I always say I am going to dust mine off, but never do. I must bring myself to do this! A great way to learn and the basis of all timing.

Nice video and will be good to look back on. Probably needed the backing track just slightly louder. I’d actually say it’s probably a little slow for you as you are noticeably pausing your strumming in parts to switch the chords (bad habit) and you should keep that strumming hand moving constantly and smoothly. Keep doing your chord practice on those tricky chord switches to speed them up.

Nice work👍 I thought the sound was great.

Well done Ben. Chord changes are looking good, the C chord will get better with practice. Keep the strumming hand moving in time and before you know it you’ll be playing along at 100% speed like a pro.

Nice share Ben and things looking to be coming a long nicely. Others have covered what you need to focus on, so I’ll not repeat what they have said.