Wish You Were Here Riff For Beginners

One of the best-known guitar riffs of all time and SO MUCH FUN to play! :)

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There is now a TAB in the lesson content.
The people spoke and Justin listened.

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So is there a tab of this riff like there has been for the other modules?

If you go to the website and find the song lessons for wish, it is there if you subscribe to the “tab” resource. I forget how that works, since I signed up for it a while ago, but the tabs option is a paid add on, if I recall. It is pretty low priced and totally worth it and more.

Unfortunately, the TABS on the website is not the same as the lesson in the course.

Like many have mentioned on other videos. The lack of any tab like visual aids really hurts. Luckily, you have blank TAB paper for printing, so I went ahead and wrote what Justin was going through. Not sure if it’s normal, but as a beginner I find it a lot easier with some sort of written guidance.

Great lesson! Took me a good few hours to get this sounding somewhat correct


I think that’s a great way to approach it. I retain things better if I transcribe it myself.


Yes you’ve got it in one :smile:
Writing things down yourself is far more beneficial than having it done for us.

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I tried to write it down five times but it always sounded incorrect. I had the feeling Justin is talking to fast in this video (for me). :pleading_face:
I clicked „pause“ and „play“ nearly every second.
So I gave up and moved on.
I was really sad about that but thought maybe I get it later…
I really enjoyed to play the riffs before. :slightly_smiling_face:

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See if the full song video lesson(s) help. Wish You Were Here [1/4] by Pink Floyd | JustinGuitar.com

Cheers :blush:
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See if the full song video lesson(s) help. Wish You Were Here [1/4] by Pink Floyd | JustinGuitar.com

I’m at exactly the same place, struggling a little to transcribe this one from the Module 8 video, I think I’m slowly getting there, but it’s taking a lot of pause/rewind/studying of what Justin is saying but also having to very closely and slowly try and watch what his fingers are doing note by note to back it all up.
There was a part where he says something to the likes of “see we’ve gone some place different here” and that kind of threw me for a loop.

The older video above is a bit different, not quite as simplified it seems, and uses hammer-on’s and some different notes… so may end up just adding more confusion if you try and merge the two? At least for me anyway.

I guess one massive eye opener in learning guitar and coming from an engineering background is I’d expected for a given song a pretty defined recipe… but I’ve since come to learn songs can be approximated, simplified, embellished, etc… has been a real eye opener for a newbie :slight_smile:

I did find googling for tabs and found one that closely approximates Justin’s simplified version so used this to help guide my transcribing in places I got stuck…

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Hi @snwau and welcome to the community.

That will make you a better player and musician. For sure. So stick with it.
Cheers :blush:
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Agree with the others. Way too much to follow it. Been pausing and rewinding over and over and over. Did I mention over? Give us a tab man if this part of the lesson.


Yeah, it’s an interesting perspective to get your head around. And some artists play their songs the same way every time and others mix them up and change them around from time to time.

When I first started learning, I had to approximate any song to match my own capabilities / limitations. Now, some years later I can do a much better job of playing a song much more like the original artist. Having one’s own interpretation is quite valid and so don’t worry if your approximation is different, if it sounds good to you and you enjoy it, that’s what’s important.

Did you know that you can adjust the playback speed?
Press the settings button on the bottom right corner, them select playback speed, then select the speed you want. It is pitch corrected.


Yesterday, here was an entry with tab/notes posted. Did somone deleted it?

Most likely for copyright reasons.

Top tip this. I use it a lot for anything that has lots of picking or fingerwork (or both!) to give me time to work out what Justin is doing!

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Yeah, sorry kaiben, I saw Justin’s video about not being able to share the sheet music for copyright reasons and I decided to take it down. I used a free software called Power Tab Editor to write it out if you wanted to try yourself.

No problem, I understand your reasons. Thank you nonetheless for the good intention.

But what is allowed and what not is a bit unclear for me. In the lessons for grade 1 Justin has had several tabs for RIFs.

Copyright issues are probably song and/or artist determined. I bet a PITA for Justin and his team.

But, Justin does have a tabs option (I believe it is paid, but inexpensive). If you have that, you can get tabs for many of the songs on the website lessons.

WYWH (1/4) on the website does have a tab associated for the “tab”add on.