Wish You Were Here Riff For Beginners

One of the best-known guitar riffs of all time and SO MUCH FUN to play! :)

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The TABs within the lesson page are now fully updated.

Please find here the following.
My TAB of the riff that Justin plays at the end of the lesson as Guitar Pro file.
My TAB of the same in pdf format.
My TAB as an audio file at 60bpm.
My TAB as an audio file at 45bpm.



You need to do the Vulcan greeting to improve the separation between fingers 2 & 3.


Hey guys… I feel a bit embarrassed to ask, but where Justin says, " … For now, focus on being aware of where things fall on the beat!" around the subject of 16th note counting and rhythm, what does he mean exactly? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey mate. Dont ever feel embarassed to ask any question on here mate. We all have 'em, and plenty of em too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I believe Justin is referring initially to the 1,2,3,4 in the 16th note structure

ie. 1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a

When learning a new song, I see them as anchor points to help me lock into the basic rhythm. Helps me to build up the full rhythm from there.
Cheers, Shane


Hey, thanks Shane, mate :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and okay… that makes sense and really helps. Thank you man!

Cheers, Craig

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you are right, he is too fast in this one, I didn’t like the lesson at all, didn’t want to leave any lesson but seems like this I have to let go, I even slowed down the video but still didn’t get it, want to bang my head on the wall.

@JGAdmin this is a one really bad lesson with no proper close-up, as well it should be broken into simultaneous notes on the screen, I played the video really slow but still didn’t get it, read a lot of other reviews seems like everyone is feeling almost the same, really frustrating.

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Are you folks having issues with this, watching this lesson on a phone/cell/mobile/portable ?

I have just watched it for the first time via my PC, having learnt via Justin’s old ST301 lesson. I don’t see any issues with the lesson and Justin clearly explains what needs to be fretted and which strings should be picked and when, plus the requited strumming pattern. The old lesson does show a close up but the explanation seem clear to me and the fretting is clearly visible via a PC based browser.

What precise part of the riff are you experiencing issues with ? As Justin states several times it is not and easy piece to play but in my opinion learnable at this stage if you listen to the instructions.

Please clarify so some one can help you. If I get a chance later I will add the key sections of the video timeline, that needs to be focused on, maybe take away potential clutter of Justin explaining 16th note strumming that maybe confuses folks.

If you don’t say what the issues is no one can help you.




Thank you for everything. I enjoy it so much :grin:. I’ve been practising this riff for 2 weeks now. Il will keep it in my daily practice and I will get the count someday :laughing:


@TheMadman_tobyjenner is 100% correct.

There are frustrated comments and Justin for sure would not like to think that his lesson is causing such exasperation.

Be very specific and ask specific questions, with time stamps if needed, to get some support.
Cheers :smiley:
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As a hint for anyone else that feels there’s no ‘warm-up’ to this lesson: If you think about the E minor pentatonic scale (only a few lessons before this lesson, in fact have a convenient link: Open E Minor Pentatonic Scale | JustinGuitar.com) you may have a bit of an epiphany as to the notes being played throughout this lesson, that may make things a lot easier…


I agree with you that it is quite possible to extrapolate skills and transfer them. I hope people will read your comment and use that to their advantage in this lesson. I don’t think this lesson is “bad,” and I certainly don’t think it is undoable, just that it differs quite a bit in the level of support and incremental challenge, which may be behind the unusual number of frustrated posting on this lesson. I hope people will push themselves to succeed with this lesson, because they can gain a lot from doing so.


Personally I just got a little lost when Justin is introducing new sections, sometimes it was hard to recognise, ok he’s repeating the previous and now this is where the first new note starts.
It would defintely help having a TAB, to correlate with, but I 100% understand why it’s not there, so don’t take that as criticism.

In the end after slowing the video right down and taking notes, another thing that helped was to record the last few minutes of Justin playing it from start to finish on my phone in Voice Memos such that I could then run through this start to finish with my derived TAB, which also helps tremendously with timing. Also, I could use this memo to then play to on my guitar also once I got enough of the riff down.

Perseverance certainly paid off, I’m getting there… and it is rewarding to finally crack it.

Just want to finish up by saying, in no way did I want to come off unappreciative for everything that Justin does. So far the course has been fantastic, and it was never going to be easy. This one, as even acknowledges in the video will be challenging.


is this riff in the key of E minor pentatonic?

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Yes, a lot of the individual note sequences are short runs within the scale as well :wink:

am i supposed to be able to remember this

Yes, but if you learn it a couple of measures at a time it will become easier to remember it.

I spent an hour or so slowly going through Justin’s video, pausing and rewinding with a note book and pencil, well worth the effort in my humble opinion. I’m now able to play through it slowly after transferring my notes to tab. Writing it out yourself also helps to internalise the patterns and understand where the riff and strums interact.


Exactamundo :metal:

Doing it for yourself is a far better way to internalise things. It offers so much encouragement, just as those who have realised the scale and the chords work together.

Be proud everyone, it’s not easy but a huge lightbulb moment once you see it. :smile:


Thank you to the person who pointed out the slower speed option in the settings - it was a great help


You can also use the kbd left arrow on YT to rewind, in 5 sec chunks I think. Right arrow for fwd :sunglasses: