Wish You Were Here Riff For Beginners

You won’t be sorry. There’s a hell of a lot that can be learned from that one - supposedly “easy” - song.


I’ve been playing guitar for decades now, but never had time to really practice regularly. I also think this riff is not really meant to be mastered perfectly by beginners, but in most cases just to have a little try on it on your own speed. I think I would need couple of days to master it in normal speed. The strumming is also way to difficult for beginners, even I have problems remembering it.
Just try it and try not to be stuck and frustrated about it…this is really not beginner’s material, it requires precision work for both hands, if you are frustrated just move on…you can keep coming back to it again and again as you progress the course.


@JGAdmin how did you get your pdf format to export from your Guitar Pro format like that? I have been looking for that!

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GP has an Export function File>Export. You can export audio, midi, text (ASCII) and PDF. Select every track or individual tracks if you want. Been using it for years ! Have fun.



Justin does use Guitar Pro for some of his downloadable files but his TAB is frequently created using other software - I’m not sure which.

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That must be what I’m looking for. The export doesn’t give me the same look as I’m looking for. Thanks for that input.

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I’ve understood what i should do on the guitar, but whats very hard for me was following the rhythm part and it was played kind of fast.
Whats really missing in the song or riff videos, is a longer count into the songs and a real metronom. I’ve learned harmonica and the thing that helped me the most was looping/slowing songs or parts of songs with a metronom or percussion in the background.
The audio files are a good addition, but it would be better if the metronom follows the whole tune.

Hello Jürgen, don’t get discouraged. This is an intro that takes a lot of time to master. I returned to this from Grade 3 after a year away from the song and I found that I had to spend a few weeks to relearn. Try to slow down the lesson to 3/4 or even 1/2 speed in the web lesson or the lesson in the app. The sound is a little distorted but it helps with the counting. Also, I must add that I don’t do an exact count for the rhythms. I keep count of the 1,2,3 and 4 by tapping foot as I move my hand up and down and strum on the ups and downs that Justin calls out for the rhythm. Such as:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + To get the approximate rhythm and listen to Justin for the exact rhythm.
D____U__U D

That may not help you but if you practice at slower speed I’m sure you will eventually get the rhythm.

Me too.

Note that the Moises app lets you easily do slowing and looping on any song.

In addition, it has a Smart Metronome feature that detects the song’s tempo, and adds a metronome click.

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