Without Getting Killed or Caught

Interesting documentary on singer/songwriter Gary Clarke, his painter/songwriter wife Susanna and her soulmate, Townes van Zandt (amazon prime or pay per view)


One of my all time fav songs is Guy Clark’s The Cape. Also one of the harder songs I’ve learned.

And thanks for sharing the details of the movie, definitely gonna watch it, only $5 usd for single watch hire.

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Thanks for the heads up Brian, will check this out. :smiley:

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Excellent song, Tony, but wouldn’t fancy putting in the hours to learn the picking :rofl:
Well done!
Don’t forget, lads, I said interesting, but anything that includes Townes van Zandt is also going to be depressing! :wink:

Brian, you might be interested in another video, ‘Heartworn Highways’. Also features Van Zandt and Clark.

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Thanks Brian. It was hard work but well and truly worth it. My wife and I heard another performer play it in the after festival jam and when he did we both felt it reminded us of our youngest son. I learned it just in time to play it for him on his 30th birthday. A wonderful memory and one of those magical moments that made the effort so very worth while.



Brian, thanks for the post. Just hired it on Amazon Prime and watched the whole thing. What a story! Wow

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I never jumped on the Guy Clark train and I’m not exactly sure why. Fully onboard with Townes, Blaze Foley and John Prine though. Maybe there just wasn’t room for another rider. :slight_smile:

@brianlarsen, these guys all did some great finger picking and it takes a good long time and lots of effort to get to that level. The good news is that these songs are so accessible and great that they can be easily strummed:
Loretta (Townes Van Zandt Cover)

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I might have to watch that documentary; LA Freeway is one of my favorite songs.

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I watched “Heartworn Highways” a few years ago; It has so much good music in it.


Same here, Clint, I think mainly because I was never aware of him/his songs.
I just had a re-listen to Loretta and I agree with your remark at the end :wink:

@Malz & @Daphne20 Yes, I’ve read about and seen a couple of YT clips of Heartworn Highways but the whole film seems unavailable in my region :slightly_frowning_face:
I’ll keep my eyes peeled

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How frustrating. I found a copy at my local library.

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Thanks @brianlarsen for posting. I had read about it when it was released but then never got to watch it and had no idea that it is available on Amazon. Watched it last weekend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Might have to watch it a second time, haven’t been able to figure out all the soundtrack yet, there might be a list in the internet somewhere… Have started to learn L.A. Freeway now.