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This is a great song and great explained. I do train my fingerpicking technique with it. However, without singing (I’m not sure if I will ever get to the singing part) I feel, the song cannot be well recognized. Only with the second (solo?) guitar, which does this bending stuff, the song sounds like “Wonderful Tonight”. Do others feel the same?

Haven’t tried yet.

In the video he mentions it is in the songbook, but I can’t find it. Which book is it in?

It’s in the beginners songbook volume 1.

I think its one of those songs that have a number of layers and the lesson provides a simplified version that one person can play on the guitar. I think it’s one of those songs that you could go back to later when your fingerstyle skills have developed and bring in the melody more to the picking.

when doing the string picking pattern, is it OK to play an open string when changing chords? the changes from one chord to another need to happen very fast (for me!) and I can’t always keep up, playing an open string would give me more time. Justin said that it is ok when strumming, does that apply to picking the strings?

Does what you’re doing sound ok? If it does then great. If not………:grinning:

Slow the tempo down to a speed you can comfortably play cleanly and on time… gradually increase the tempo.

Hi Alessio, when you say strong picking do you mean the opening / main lick? If so I’d say no, an open string wouldn’t work well, as James says slow things down to get it right and build up to tempo. I did this when learning that lick. It’s a fun one and not too complicated so we’ll worth doing :+1:

What happened to the « New Window » feature when viewing tabs in songs?
No longer there

What happened to the « New Window « feature when viewing tabs in songs «
No longer there

Loving this song and the options for making it more complex, or simpler. I’ve been starting to try and play along with the original and am getting a little confused on the Links. In the Tab it looks like the Link G is the same? G as the end of the verse? is that correct? So if I was just going to keep strumming over the link I’d finish the G in the verse and then go D/F# | G | D ?? or is it G (from the Verse) | G | D/F# | …etc?

I have decided to make this my first 4:4 finger picking song. Already working on House of the Rising Sun which is of course 6:8.

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Hi Michael, @MAT1953
That is wonderful ,starting tonight?
Sorry for this :blush:

When I started this song I played along with this super slow version a lot, maybe you don’t like it but I wanted to let you know,
Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight Live greatest version
Have fun…

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Roger @roger_holland
I have been looking for a 4:4 song to have a go at for a little while and just came across it by accident. Same pattern all the way through, good way to start.
Actually I had thought about it for strumming and singing some time ago but never came near top of the To Do list.

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