Wondering about Google App

Since my wife was diagnosed with Stage4 cancer last year, she’s been asking me to continue learning the Guitar because she loves to hear it. I was wondering when or if the app will be on sale again? I had it but had to give up the app to pay for things with my Wife. Now she is doing better, would like me to get back. Are there any discounts or codes I can put in the google app available?

Thank you,

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Sorry I don’t have any codes or know much of the google app, but just wanted to say that I’m so sorry to hear of your wife, this absolutely breaks my heart,… having been there myself personally (wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a number of years ago), findings things like this that she likes is so special!

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Hi Scott,

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

So sorry to hear about your wife’s cancer. That’s such a tough cross for both of you to bear.
You’re probably best off contacting the JustinGuitar team directly at hello@justinguitar.com and asking them if they can help.
Justin has a good track history of altruism and often mentions that he wants to remove barriers to people learning guitar, including financial ones. (That said, I think Musopia owns/runs the app).
You’d probably want to share some more details (to discourage ‘Nigerian inheritance’ chancers). Feel free to message me if you have no joy down that path.

Your wife is a wise woman encouraging you to continue learning/playing guitar. It is a great gift from her and is likely to help you cope with some of difficulties you face.
Personally, I think you would get far more out of popping over and introducing yourself and sharing as much of your guitar journey as you feel happy with here. The Community is a positive, supportive place, where folk are more real than virtual. The website and the Community are the backbone of Justin’s teaching. The app is a just a helpful aid for some.

Wishing you and your missus both the best and look forward to following your progress.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I was heading into last part of the beginner courses and really like the option of the songs playing with them. Wife and I enjoy singing to them but she is a great women to get me back into it because It something I put on the back burner for this cancer stuff.


Yep it sucks because it was stage 3 last time, but it spread to part of lungs, heart, and came back in same spot with vengeance. We are in good spirts and doing the guitar again will also keep myself in good spirits too. I really enjoyed the app and would like to get back to it unless there is a better thing I should be heading too… I was able to get into last part of beginner stage 3 but really enjoy the song part. Someone pointed out to me before on community to look at ultimate-guitar site but that is like jumping into the deep end for me lol. Thanks for the reply and going to examine what I can afford and move to that.

Hi Scott.
I am so sorry to read about your wife’s illness and your situation.

I will message the JG team.
Best wishes

Hey Scott.

Really sad to hear about your wife, and we need to get you back playing for her asap!

Please email me, justin @ website and I’ll find a way to get you the app for free - need to know your device and stuff… best done by email.

Best wishes, J.


Not only a great teacher, but a great person overall. But I sensed that all ready. Nice gesture:)

Just wanted to add in here, how sorry I am to hear about your wife.
But also how nice it is to read these comments about helping this man to continue learning, so his wife can continue hearing it.
This entire thread has given me chills, much love to everyone here.

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Thank you, Justin, and everyone who replied to the thread. My wife is doing good so far and non stop doctor visits but so far so good. She will need to take 1 pill for the rest of her life once a day. Stage 4 cancer means it’s always here but using the meds to keep the spread down.

Thank you Justin and everyone

I am up and running again thanks to Justin and his team. Wife and I are enjoying the time singing and watching me stumble through Songs lol. Thanks again for everyone that helped me out.



That’s great news Scott ! Get stuck into practice and maybe when you are ready, share some recordings. :wink:

Best wishes to you both.