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Hi does anyone have a note of the strumming pattern for wonderwall?

It is shown on the subscription TABs


Is this one of those replies where you think you’ve answered the question but really haven’t. I have the tabs (in part to help the website) but don’t really have any experience reading chords so doesn’t really answer my question. I’m also one of those people that just can’t take dictation. Need stuff written down in a digestable form. (Maths teacher started dictating problems in school which lead to the deputy head hauling me out of class to accuse me of having given up in maths when my grades suddenly went from A’s to E’s).

It just so happens my day job is ‘Maths Teacher’.
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See if this helps you out … something I created a while ago for a student of mine trying to learn the 16th pattern strumming for the song.


Thank you very much for that. It’ll take me quite a while to get that under my belt. But I do love a challenge.
(btw did go on to get a degree in physics despite a really poor secondary maths department.)

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To understand this pattern and songs that also use 16th note strumming I’d strongly recommend investing in Justin’s Strumming Techniques 1 & 2. It used to be on a DVD under the banner of RUST 1 and 2 (Really Useful Strumming Techniques) for me it was a game changer, especially when it came to the 2 patterns that are used together in Wonderwall, It was a case, wow I recognise that !!! That and so many others ! It subscription only now but at less that $10 for lifetime access, it really is a steal !

Your post has reminded me that I was planning to buy the online version, simply as its easier to bounce around the lessons on a PC than juggling DVD chapters. So I’m off to get me credit card !



This is the strumming pattern from the lesson.
Hope it helps.
Thanks Justin!

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I find if you listen to the song and sing the strumming pattern along to it you’re half way there.

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On the walk down, G D/F# Em7, the tab shows G after, but in the lesson Justin plays A7sus4. Which is correct? I’m thinking A7sus4 but confused by the tabs/sheet music.

Hello @TFS71 and welcome to the community.
What part of the song? Are you looking at the chords or the tabs?

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

That’s a great post, thanks Richard

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anyone can teach me how to strum the single strum of cadd9 and dsus4 to match the strumming pattern of this song?

just impossible to grab the strumming patern from justin’s video…too fast for my non english brain. Wonder why it’s not printed in the text of the lesson…

Still kinda working on it. But very close now. I’m taking it as the point at which I say I’ve “passed” level 2.

Hello Justin and fellow guitar students… i am puzzeled… why is this song in the app so different from the lesson here… even the cords are different… i can do it just fine here, but cant get it right on the app

Hi Richard,

Question for those of us who subscribe to the tabs/chords. Is there anyway of printing the chords out? I struggle when looking at a screen.

Hi @langou

On the TABs page, within the FAQs:

This is a contract restriction placed on Justin by the publishers.

Thanks Richard, I appreciate the response

Most devices will let you take a series of screenshots, which you can than print.

Much less convenient than a proper print function, but I have to resort to it occasionally.