Working on blues slide. I think this one was in open G if anyone want's to riff off of it

[Welp - no surf, so I guess I'll have a couple of beers and work on slide blues | By Jim Forrester | Facebook]

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Jim, there is nothing loading in for me.

My FB link is not showing. Excuse my ignorance, how do I post a link to my video?

Can you see it now?

I can now see the link Jim and I’m able to follow it. :+1:

Nice - thank you for the feedback Sgt!

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Jim, that was some sweet playing. I really enjoyed it. That guitar looks lush as well. A very laid back piece.

Thank you man! I actually played that waaay to fast! When you play the blues, you have to learn to slow down, less is more! That’s a Gretsch Rat Rod btw - total blues machine! I’ve played less laid back though…

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Nice, I do like a bit of slide.