Worth a Watch - Origin of Western Notes


Wow, thanks for that @liaty! I’ve often wondered about that when looking at a keyboard. Very easy to follow explanation, even for someone with limited music theory knowledge!

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Thanks! There should be an option to really really love a post. That answered it very well for me and I’ve been wondering about it for some time.

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Thanks, Dave. Great info and it fulfills my Music Theory quota for today :smiley:

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That was quite fascinating, thanks Dave.

And then there is the more mathematical answer that combines western preference with physics Why Does Music Only Use 12 Different Notes? - YouTube

And for those who really like this sort of thing, I highly recommend BBC Howard Goodall's Story of Music 1of6 The Age of Discovery - YouTube

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Haha, still get shivers down my back when I hear Gregorian chant… :laughing:
spent six years in a boarding school in a Benedictine monastery.
The monk singing this was our music teacher and we used to sing this kind of stuff in church every week


Hi holiday man, :sunglasses:
I hope you don’t mean looking over your shoulder as a pavlof reaction shivers …:speak_no_evil: :roll_eyes:…this is a wonderful after-dinner piece of music…
Thanks Greetings,…

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I have to be in the mood to enjoy Gregorian chant, but when it’s good it’s really good. Though sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever tried to sing Gregorian chants in a completely dry, echo-less environment.

Cheers David will check those out.

Another piece of the puzzle

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Thanks for sharing, Dave. Some may find this explanation easier to digest than the link I shared, though maybe not enough detail to really grasp the concepts.

The gem for me in the Paul David’s video was at about 4’00" when he explained ‘cents’. I’ve known about cents, particularly when looking at my singing, and know what my target range to be good enough is but good to hear it explained.

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All very interesting, very much the case “ The More You Know The More You Realize You Don’t Know”
Michael :-1: