Worth starting with a guitalele?

I’ve only got access to a guitalele about 80% of the time. Is it worth starting the courses with it or will that do more harm than good?

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Lots of people play multiple instruments. Music is music the chord will have different names. I believe a guitalele is tuned A to a but the shapes will be the same. In other words when you pla a G chord on a guitar it will be a C chord on the guitalele. It will be like playing a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret.

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If that’s what you have available then go for it! The size and shape may be different, but the techniques are pretty much the same so adapting to a guitar if/when you get one should be fairly quick I would think. I certainly had no issues going from a full size to a much smaller loaned guitar when I was away visiting family abroad.

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Great option, so much of what one learns in playing a song translates very well between guitar and any form of uke. The rhythm, the flow of the song, the chords, the lyrics, all that’s different is where you place your fingers to make the chords. And the nylon strings are a gentler, easier way to get started.

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Awesome! Thanks for the replies!

You can restring a guitalele EADGBe. Although if it’s not yours, I guess that won’t be an option. I restrung my tenor uke with baritone uke strings to make it DGBE. That way the chord shapes are the same, albeit truncated.