Would you like to listen to my tune?

Hello folks,

So I finally purchased an audio interface, the Berhinger umc 202.
And I have to say that I’m very glad with the results so far, not just regarding with the interface itself but also with the laptop, which I thought wasn’t gonna be able to cope with the recording.

Anyways, yesterday I recorded this little tune which is basically the drums and chords of The Eagles’ Hotel California’s verse and I added some soloing using two different guitar setups in Cakewalk. I also used my little keyboard, which I bought when I enrolled in the Music Theory course to help me understand stuff better. I played a “spread” for each chord alongside with an arpegio (thanks Arpegiator xD).

Also, a very kind guy led me use his drums track, you can find the link to his video in the description. He provides a link to download it in an mp3 file.

I hope you like it or at least your ears don’t suffer too much!

Warm greetings from Spain :vulcan_salute:


Nice one José, sounding sweet :ok_hand:

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Nicely done Jose.

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That was fabulous, José. You did a good job on the backing and really enjoyed the solos, both the way you played and the tones. Certainly no suffering in listening to that.

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My ears did not suffer at all and I liked it very much, great job :+1:t3: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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That was some tasty playing José and not one moment of suffering to my ears.

Glad to read you are happy with your new audio interface.

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Yes, super glad. I only could afford this little behringer and it’s good value for money. Just what I needed for my playing about…
Thanks for your kind words, people like you make this place as comfortable as it possibly could be :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done, José. Congratulations on delving into recording with your new audio interface. Sounding good; I think you’re well on your way with it. Also cool that you explored a couple of different tones and are looking into the music theory behind the playing. Keep it up!

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Lovely job José. Did you compose the solo, or was it improvised?

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Thanks Twistor!

I had recorded the keyboards the previous day and then, I improvised for an hour or so and came up with an overall feel and phrasing so I could record comfortably.

Thanks for your support mate!