Would you like to play the guitar?

I’m surprised no one has yet posted this guitar players’ lament written by Pat Donohoe. Just don’t become a guitar player’s wife (or husband).



Brilliant ! Thanks for sharing.


Really enjoyed that

Loved it! Very funny. Cheers for sharing!

That was great! Thanks.

Loved It! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Ha! I remember that song… Just maybe different words!


:joy: :joy: love it! thanks for sharing :smiley: :laughing:
That is a true story…

:laughing: Made me laugh that did, but I don’t think I’ll show my wife. :grinning:

That’s great Michael!
Ya sure put a big smile on me with that one.
Great playing, great singing.
Thanks for sharing that. Ya gave my morning a good start.

That was amazing. Loved it, hilarious.

Love it, a reimagination of an old faithful, I remember the original very well!

That was very funny. Made me smile today

I laughed, then I cried, then I laughed, then I felt grateful, then felt jealous. Mostly I felt so seen! Haha.

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Love it. Lol