Would you recommend hybrid/crossover guitar for beginners

I would suggest that the first decision is whether you want to stick with nylon or move to steel string or even electric.

You certainly can learn with nylon and at the very beginning it probably doesn’t matter. Unless you jones for a new fun instrument, using what you have is great.

But after a while, I think you will understand that the difference between steel and nylon will have a significant influence on what and how you play.

Both are awesome, and like me, you may want both. It is how they fit what you want. Wide nuts and string spacing, flatter fingerboards, nylon, steel, box size, scale lengths, all have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Good question. I don’t believe so. It’s only a small difference but it made a huge difference in my fretting hand being able to fret chords cleanly without string buzz. I still notice it when I change between wider (1 3/4) and narrower (1 11/16) nuts. Thankfully now I can play the narrower nut but the wider one is definitely easier for my hands / finger size. My fingers aren’t particularly large.