Wow Electric guitar is a lot of fun!

Man I wasted so many years , Just about a month or so that I am playing electric guitar after years of playing nylon guitar and I am already making a lot of music that makes sense to me just over backing tracks on youtube.

What is this exactly ? Is it because I know a lot of scales that I go back and forth over the guitar neck and Magic music happens?


You are cracking me up.

Playing over backing tracks is fun, no reason to overthink it or go too crazy. Go get you some tracks and play on playa. Here’s one of my first backing track jams some four years ago. Note that I didn’t understand that the tone control could be dialed back:

I guess that’s the magic of music.
A solid theory foundation is of course essential and works with all types of guitar.
But what makes music so magical is that everyone is different, has different taste and therefore expresses themselves better with a different instrument.
Playing electric guitar myself I can confirm that it is super fun and exciting!
Keep creating and doing what inspires you!

Forty years after having learnt pointless piano scales, the sudden-
“What wizardry is this?!?” :bulb: :magic_wand::laughing: