Wrist pain

I started practicing scales on time after a long while. After about 4 minutes i had to stop beacuse my wrost was very sore. Is this normal or am i not positioning my wrist correctly? Could you give me a link to a video or maybe just a picture to make sure i have the right wrist position?

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It does sound like your position is wrong. There are a few pictures scattered about the forum, but searching them is not so easy. If you can get a picture of your hand position and post here, it will generate comments specific to you.

You can use the Justin lessons as a guide, but of course no-one’s anatomy is quite the same, so a picture of your specific case is best.

Finally, I had to stretch my fingers out over about 12 months time. I needed to have increased flexibility so I could curl up fingers without tension across the back of my hand with my wrist bent. This simply takes time and is still something I work on to stay flexible enough. This needed to be done very slowly to avoid injury.

Maybe it’s not the wrist but the whole position of the guitar?

Definitely way to acute an angle. Try playing with the guitar running from your right hip to your left knee, roughly 45 degree in respect to your body (anywhere between 30-45 should be ok). The will lessen the obvious wrist twisting that you are doing at the moment, which could well be the cause of the pain. Also raise the neck higher which will allow the wrist to straighten a little more.
Hope that helps.


Found a couple forum topics related:

I’ll see if my own pics can do any better and edit this if useful.

edit - ok, cannot do much to improve what I linked. I did notice that I only bend sharply when I am using little finger on string 6. I have an annoyingly short little finger and a ring finger that is almost as long as middle finger, so extra bend on the wrist is necessary for me only for little finger on string 6 and kind of string 5.

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That’s quite likely, but hard to tell from this photo. But your wrist does look very bent, and that’s often caused by poor sitting position.

Can you post a picture taken from the front, that shows both your hands and arms?

Might have to use the timer feature on your phone camera…