Wrist-position during F-chord

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I’ve been following Grade 2 of Justin’s course, and has thus been practicing my F-chord a bunch. I’ve heard Justin mention that you should attempt to minimize the bend in the wrist. I find that incredibly difficult and i find myself bending my wrist what feels like quite a lot! Unfortunately I can’t link pictures of my F-chord, but do any of you have some tips on how to know if the bend in the wrist is too large? And maybe some possible solutions?

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This lesson may help you with straightening out your wrist position … https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/e-shape-major-4b-001

Hey there! I’m so excited that you and I are on the same area of study! I think I’d like to ask, WHY do you feel like you have to bend the wrist? It’s definitely something you’d should really seek to correct because that can cause a lot of unnecessary tension on the top of the wrist and hand.

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@Foldager Your question made me grab my guitar and play paying attention to my wrist bend on the barre F. The barre F I struggled with when I started playing and now it’s completely effortless for me.

I didn’t notice much wrist bend for me. It made me wonder if the position of the neck with how you are holding the guitar is contributing to the wrist bend.

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Hey, Foldager and welcome to the community! Try lifting the neck of your guitar up to shoulder height. That should decrease the wrist angle.


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Something shared here many moons ago and probably one of the most valuable pieces of advice I have received. Justin does his lessons with the guitar perpendicular to the floor, as it makes it easier to see what he is doing, its more for demonstration. In reality this is where you need to be. And its not just for electrics either. Do this and your wrist will thank you ! :sunglasses:


F chord has been my most troublesome step. Very discouraging. Hurts a lot to practice it.