Writing riffs for songs

Hi everyone, Vincent “DarkWillowTM” here.

I am working on my next cover song and wonder how should I structure riffs in my song? Specifically in which portion of the song (verse1, verse2, chorus etc) to incorporate the riffs and sounds really good?

Got an idea of intro riff and decide to repeat it, not sure which section is the sweet spot. Thank you for your feedback!

What have you tried so far? How did it go for you?

I don’t have experience in writing yet but I’ve done plenty of listening to music.

Riffs can be used anywhere in a song, as long as it’s somewhat consistently used. It really depends on how the song is written.
I think one of the most important things is making sure there’s contrast between the different parts and it feels/sounds dynamic.

So, how does the riff you want to use contrast to the other parts you’ve written/plan to use. For example: Is it more energetic? Does it sound heavier? Does it bring more groove? Then it’s important to figure out where you want those attributes to be in a song.
You can also make a riff feel more impactful by only using it a few (short) times throughout the song, for example in the intro, when transitioning from the chorus to the verse and/or in the outro.

Also, listening to different artists/bands and figure out how they make use of riffs will help a lot (usually start with your favorites but don’t limit yourself to them).

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Thanks for your great insight Macro.

I figure out I need to make those musical pieces in some ways to rentent people attention. Because nowadays we have a lot of distraction, it is so hard to ask a guy to listen to my song from beginning till the end.